Manual Testing Interview Questions
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where do u store u'r Test cases?


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What is the test case, test scenario, test suit and explain differences bewteen the above ones

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What is meant by the bug state "Reproduce"

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what is the difference test bed and test environment?


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What is metrics? explian the type of metrices.

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suppose we r executing 10 test cases.let us assume one test case(like 5th test case) failed. then as a test engineer what u will u do?is it app problem or u'r s"?

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what is the severity we give. login fails eventhough we enter the correct username and pwd.

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developer says it is not defect.then as a test engineer what u will do?


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what is the defference between stress and load testing?


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what is the important difference between system testing and functional testing?

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What is Dataguidelines?

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I am uma new commer for this site? I have some doubt's pls clarify it..... I finished my B.Com and S/w Testing Course Now iam serarching a job in Testing, I did not have any experience in real time projects. Any body can send me the sample Testcases,Srs,Matrix for Banking,ERP Projects etc.,

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What is Defect containment?

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How to write Negative test cases?

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Testing of Non-Functional requirements does not involove a) Performance tests b) Reliability tests c) usability tests d) Configuration tests


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Post New Manual Testing Questions

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hi this is satish can some one help me out by sending the maxium notes on client sesrver ,web server and company architechture project hirearchy and company hirearchy i will happy to recive the answers as early as possible


How to derive test data from the design documents?


in the account there is 10,000 rupees and i entered 20000, in this case how will you test the application


hai friends can u expalin about real time process of testing at the company, like flow diagram


What is mean by multi-threading testing?


what is Test management fundamental?


why use caffine for HPLC calibration ?


Any one send me sample question for multimedia testing with microsoft access database. I am having interview next week. Please post it or send me my personal e-mail. Thank You


How do you test a web application for dump and deaf??


Could some one tell me test cases for multi line text boxes like Notes field?


can u merge 10GUI map files into a single GUI map file in winrunner?


Hello everybody, How many people do you think one sprint team can have in average?


Explain Test Plan with example? Explain following in the test plan with examples What is being tested? What are pass/fail criteria? When will each test occur? What Hardware & Software environment is required? What features must be tested? What features will not be tested? What are the responsibilities of individuals & organisation in the project?


What is neutral test case?


How do u determine,what to be tested?