Manual Testing Interview Questions
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where do u store u'r Test cases?


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What is the test case, test scenario, test suit and explain differences bewteen the above ones

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What is meant by the bug state "Reproduce"

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what is the difference test bed and test environment?


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What is metrics? explian the type of metrices.

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suppose we r executing 10 test cases.let us assume one test case(like 5th test case) failed. then as a test engineer what u will u do?is it app problem or u'r s"?

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what is the severity we give. login fails eventhough we enter the correct username and pwd.

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developer says it is not defect.then as a test engineer what u will do?


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what is the defference between stress and load testing?


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what is the important difference between system testing and functional testing?

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What is Dataguidelines?

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I am uma new commer for this site? I have some doubt's pls clarify it..... I finished my B.Com and S/w Testing Course Now iam serarching a job in Testing, I did not have any experience in real time projects. Any body can send me the sample Testcases,Srs,Matrix for Banking,ERP Projects etc.,

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What is Defect containment?

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How to write Negative test cases?

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Testing of Non-Functional requirements does not involove a) Performance tests b) Reliability tests c) usability tests d) Configuration tests


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Post New Manual Testing Questions

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What is PBX Testing & What is Test coverage?


any one giv test cases for wordpad using equivalence class partioning


what is the use of l10n testing?


Hi Frnds, this is Aman.. can anybody tell me plz what kind of QA Interview questions are asked by IDS Infotech Ltd., Chandigarh? I have lil bit experience only in Manual Testing.. Plz answer my question as soon as possible.. Thnx in advance..


What is Independant Testing? When and where this type of testing will be performed?


Is Anyone attended the manual testing interview with capgemini in recent past. please let me know the type of questions they can ask. Thanks


How do you go about testing a project?


What r the documents required for performance testing


what type of testing techniques are using after accept the build?


where can i learn domain knowledge? how cab i gain domain knowledge? what types of Questions can be asked in domain(BFSI)? PLZ REPLY ME


Please explain me v-model clearly i want to know how it works and want to know how it use in real time on a project please tell me its urgent and important for me understand .Please tell me my mail id is Thank u


Test approach to windows scheduler?


Can any one give a summary of testing a territory management system? what would be the test scenarios, few test cases. how it works.


What do we need to build a quality QC team ? a QC manager with all junior QCs or a QC manager with all senior QCs?


How we will do Memory Testing? There is any tool to do that testing and to whome this testing to be performed?