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Test Cases Interview Questions
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i m a fresher working in healthcare industry. here we hve no tool for testing. how i ll do manual testing?plz suggest anyone me urgently... i knw to write test case bt i dont knw where to write n how to execute it manually


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can any body help me with providing a a case for usability testing...


How you will write test cases on DROP DOWN list BOX on GUI

eMids, Valtech,

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how to test ip address?

Cisco, QSpiders, Satyam,

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Write a test case for yahoo

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what is the test plan for ms-word


how to write testcases for yahoo messagner


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write a test case for student admission form

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Credit card field contains four text boxes. We can validate each textbox separately with conditions but how can we write integrated testcase for all the four?

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Credit card field contains four text boxes. We can validate each textbox separately with conditions but how can we write integrated testcase for all the four?


Can any one please give me a test case for transaction of money thro' mobile phones. I really need it soon. i need the test case in ieee format.please anyone help me.



Need help to write test case for "Check Availability" field. Any help would be highly appreciated!


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how to write test cases for the example state name starts with A B C D E F G H I J K L Z


how to write test case for check box like check boxes in gmail and yahoo inbox

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"search"test cases on Linkedin website and how will you write test cases on it?


Post New Test Cases Questions

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test cases for friend finder system using gps?


i am preparing for interviews in real time job what test cases we have to prepare please explain with example?


1. Buzz Words 1.1 Purpose Allow user easy access of content based on key/popular words 1.2 Scope All the tags at the portal. 1.3 User Interface - Tags are usually hyperlinks that lead to a collection of items that are associated with the tag. - Click takes you to page similar to Search Result page, should search all content and not only articles - Based on Most Viewed only 1.4 Interfacing/Sourcing Details - Need to develop an application which works on algorithm to calculate size/color of Buzz words. - In phase 1 algorithm will be pretty straight forward of calculating dimesion of Buzz words by going by ""Most Viewed/Visited"" words. Need to get exact algorithm.


What is test cases for mobile phone ?


Explain the integration testing?


write a test cases for WLAN


How to write test case for this scenario. The system shall allow for a wild card search for the first name with a minimum of one character.


How to generate test cases for 'replace a string' method?


How does the size of the OPCODE field limit the number of operations? Give an example to support your explanation?


Explain the ad hoc testing?


How to write test case for this scenario. If the Zip Code field is populated, the system shall compare  the zip code value entered to the zip code value in  the Family Individual Information Tab


How to write the test cases for STP


Could you pls give me sites where i can test card? mail me to


Can any tell to create test data for SUM (calculation), Scenario is 0 to 9 digits are available as we see in the calculator, I want to certify that the sum of the two numbers are working fine by providing test data.


Why does the boundary value analysis provide good test cases?