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What are test cases for Car Locking System?

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what is the technology used in financial applications?



How to create Test Data? What are the Fields in Test Data. Please any one specify the format of Test Data?

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Write the functional,system test case for a electric bulb which have two electric switches.


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Hi, i attended interview in seimens they asked me suppose u have a car which is used by VIP and it has 2 alarms one is at front and other is back when ever smoke or fire is near to car it will detect it and beep alaram so wat r the possible test cases u can write plz give the answer


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How to write test cases or test scripts for UAT testing which is done manually


how test cases can be made for a software

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What is the role of a tester in the test plan preparation? What elements tester physically develops in the test plan document.& what exactly this document contains?

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Please give me some example of the test cases to test the Google map search


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how to search a Unix file system in Google search engine??? write the test cases foe that one???what will be the step


Hi My name is Hari Priya i had completed by b-tech csit 2008 pass out i had joined in testing tools does freshers having good opportunities in testing field? what are the topics to be stressed in the subject to have the good knowledge If any one have good collecton of testing topics can mail me padmajapriyam@gmail.com thank you.

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Can some body help to write possible test cases for a credit card at POS (point of sale)


What is the basic stuff you require to begin creating test cases?


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What is Initial Configuration?


how do you write the test cases?


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Explain the domain testing?


If I have to write the test cases for any report & there is date box.then may I have to write only select date or have to write all steps required for selecting date


How to write test cases for the following scenario: The system shall limit the search result display to 200 records. Do we need to write test data for it. How do we create a test data for it.


How many test cases u will write for Acceptance testing?


Test Case for Text Editor!


Do you write test plan and test case?


can one defect be mapped to more than one test script in manual testing


how to write test cases in interview exam like one website it contain a/c # text box, current bill amount text box,sms offer,calling offer,internet these 3 are list boxes and remindmelater,continue these 2 are buttons. and qu is like 1.user doesn't have any dues from past 90 days,2.whose bill amount >= rs2000 from past 6 months. use this 2qu write testcases.


Credit card field contains four text boxes. We can validate each textbox separately with conditions but how can we write integrated testcase for all the four?


how to make test case for anolog voice logger?


What is test cases for mobile phone ?


What are semi-random test cases?


How to generate test cases for 'replace a string' method?


how to write a test procedure & test log for login system


This was asked to me recently in Microsoft interview How would you do DOS copy command testing