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CISA Certification Interview Questions
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Which of the following would provide a mechanism whereby IS management can determine if the activities of the organization have deviated from the planned or expected levels? A. Quality management B. IS assessment methods C. Management principles D. Industry standards/benchmarking

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Which of the following is the MOST critical for the successful implementation and maintenance of a security policy? A. Assimilation of the framework and intent of a written security policy by all appropriate parties B. Management support and approval for the implementation and maintenance of a security policy C. Enforcement of security rules by providing punitive actions for any violation of security rules D. Stringent implementation, monitoring and enforcing of rules by the security officer through access control software

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Assumptions while planning an IS project involve a high degree of risk because they are: A. based on known constraints. B. based on objective past data. C. a result of lack of information. D. often made by unqualified people.

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An IS auditor performing a review of the EFT operations of a retailing company would verify that the customers credit limit is checked before funds are transferred by reviewing the EFT: A. system's interface. B. switch facility. C. personal identification number generating procedure. D. operation backup procedures.

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Automated teller machines (ATMs) are a specialized form of a point-of-sale terminal that: A. allows for cash withdrawal and financial deposits only. B. are usually located in populous areas to deter theft or vandalism. C. utilizes protected telecommunication lines for data transmissions. D. must include high levels of logical and physical security.

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A decrease in amplitude as a signal propagates along a transmission medium is known as: A. noise. B. crosstalk. C. attenuation. D. delay distortion.

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An installed Ethernet cable run in an unshielded twisted pair (UTP) network is more than 100 meters long. Which of the following could be caused by the length of the cable? A. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) B. Cross talk C. Dispersion D.Attenuation

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Which of the following sampling methods is MOST useful when testing for compliance? A. Attribute sampling B. Variable sampling C. Stratified mean per unit D. Difference estimation

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Which of the following is a detective control? A. Physical access controls B. Segregation of duties C. Backup procedures D. Audit trails

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An IS auditor performing an access controls review should be LEAST concerned if: A. audit trails were not enabled. B. programmers have access to the live environment. C. group logons are being used for critical functions. D. the same user can initiate transactions and also change related parameters.

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The primary goal of a web site certificate is: A. authentication of the web site to be surfed through. B. authentication of the user who surfs through that site. C. preventing surfing of the web site by hackers. D. the same purpose as that of a digital certificate.

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Authentication is the process by which the: A. system verifies that the user is entitled to input the transaction requested. B. system verifies the identity of the user. C. user identifies himself to the system. D. user indicates to the system that the transaction was processed correctly.

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An IS auditor who has discovered unauthorized transactions during a review of EDI transactions is likely to recommend improving the: A. EDI trading partner agreements. B. physical controls for terminals. C. authentication techniques for sending and receiving messages. D. program change control procedures.

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An IS auditor discovers that programmers have update access to the live environment. In this situation, the IS auditor is LEAST likely to be concerned that programmers can: A. authorize transactions. B. add transactions directly to the database. C. make modifications to programs directly. D. access data from live environment and provide faster maintenance.

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Prices are charged on the basis of a standard master file rate that changes as volume increases. Any exceptions must be manually approved. What is the MOST effective automated control to help ensure that all price exceptions are approved? A. All amounts are displayed back to the data entry clerk, who must verify them visually. B. Prices outside the normal range should be entered twice to verify data entry accuracy. C. The system beeps when price exceptions are entered and prints such occurrences on a report. D. A second-level password must be entered before a price exception can be processed.

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purchase orders issued to vendors have been authorized as per the authorization matrix


E-mail message authenticity and confidentiality is BEST achieved by signing the message using the:


Which of these has the potential to improve security incident response processes? A. Review the incident response procedures. B. Post-mortem or post-event reviews by the security team. C. Getting the hot-site ready. D. Reviw the BCP plan every six months