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CISA Certification Interview Questions
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When implementing and application software package, which of the following presents the GREATEST risk? A. Uncontrolled multiple software versions B. Source programs that are not synchronized with object code C. Incorrectly set parameters D. Programming errors

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Which of the following is a check (control) for completeness? A. Check digits B. Parity bits C. One-for-one checking D. Prerecorded input

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Which of the following database administrator (DBA) activities is unlikely to be recorded on detective control logs? A. Deletion of a record B. Change of a password C. Disclosure of a password D. Changes to access rights

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An Internet-based attack using password sniffing can: A. enable one party to act as if they are another party. B. cause modification to the contents of certain transactions. C. be used to gain access to systems containing proprietary information. D. result in major problems with billing systems and transaction processing agreements.

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An IS auditor doing penetration testing during an audit of Internet connections would: A. evaluate configurations. B. examine security settings. C. ensure virus-scanning software is in use. D. use tools and techniques that are available to a hacker.

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After a full operational contingency test, the IS auditor performs a review of the recovery steps and concludes that the elapsed time until the technological environment and systems were actually functioning, exceeded the required critical recovery time. Which of the following should the auditor recommend? A. Perform an integral review of the recovery tasks. B. Broaden the processing capacity to gain recovery time. C. Make improvements in the facility's circulation structure. D. Increase the amount of human resources involved in the recovery.

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Which of the following controls would provide the GREATEST assurance of database integrity? A. Audit log procedures B. Table link/reference checks C. Query/table access time checks D. Rollback and rollforward database features

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Which of the following is a strength of the program evaluation review technique (PERT) over other techniques? PERT: A. considers different scenarios for planning and control projects. B. allows the user to input program and system parameters. C. tests system maintenance processes accurately. D. estimates costs of system projects.

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Which of the following provides nonrepudiation services for e-commerce transactions? A. Public key infrastructure (PKI) B. Data encryption standard (DES) C. Message authentication code (MAC) D. Personal identification number (PIN)

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Which of the following environmental controls is appropriate to protect computer equipment against short-term reductions in electrical power? A. Power line conditioners B. A surge protective device C. An alternative power supply D. An interruptible power supply

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The BEST method of proving the accuracy of a system tax calculation is by: A. detailed visual review and analysis of the source code of the calculation programs. B. recreating program logic using generalized audit software to calculate monthly totals. C. preparing simulated transactions for processing and comparing the results to predetermined results. D. automatic flowcharting and analysis of the source code of the calculation programs.

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Which of the following is an IS control objective? A. Output reports are locked in a safe place. B. Duplicate transactions do not occur. C. System backup/recovery procedures are updated periodically. D. System design and development meet users' requirements.

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Which of the following would be of the LEAST value to an IS auditor attempting to gain an understanding of an organization's IT process? A. IT planning documents with deliverables and performance results B. Policies and procedures relating to planning, managing, monitoring and reporting on performance C. Prior audit reports D. Reports of IT functional activities

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Which of the following ensures completeness and accuracy of accumulated data? A. Processing control procedures B. Data file control procedures C. Output controls D. Application controls

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A goal of processing controls is to ensure that: A. the data are delivered without compromised confidentiality. B. all transactions are authorized. C. accumulated data are accurate and complete through authorized routines. D. only authorized individuals perform sensitive functions.

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