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CISA Certification Interview Questions
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Which of the following is the initial step in creating a firewall policy? A. A cost-benefits analysis of methods for securing the applications B. Identification of network applications to be externally accessed C. Identification of vulnerabilities associated with network applications to be externally accessed D. Creation of an applications traffic matrix showing protection methods

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When developing a risk management program, the FIRST activity to be performed is a/an: A. threats assessment. B. classification of data. C. inventory of assets. D. criticality analysis.

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Birth date and marriage date items were switched while entering data. Which of the following data validation checks could detect this? A. Logical relationship B. Sequence C. Reasonableness D. Validity

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If a database is restored using before-image dumps, where should the process be restarted following an interruption? A. Before the last transaction B. After the last transaction C. The first transaction after the latest checkpoint D. The last transaction before the latest checkpoint

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Which of the following represents the GREATEST risk created by a reciprocal agreement for disaster recovery made between two companies? A. Developments may result in hardware and software incompatibility. B. Resources may not be available when needed. C. The recovery plan cannot be tested. D. The security infrastructures in each company may be different.

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Which of the following would an IS auditor consider a weakness when performing an audit of an organization that uses a public key infrastructure with digital certificates for its business-to-consumer transactions via the Internet? A. Customers are widely dispersed geographically, but not the certificate authorities. B. Customers can make their transactions from any computer or mobile device. C. The certificate authority has several data processing subcenters to administrate certificates. D. The organization is the owner of the certificate authority.

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An IS auditor is assigned to help design the data security aspects of an application under development. Which of the following provides the MOST reasonable assurance that corporate assets are protected when the application is certified for production? A. A review conducted by the internal auditor B. A review conducted by the assigned IS auditor C. Specifications by the user on the depth and content of the review D. An independent review conducted by another equally experienced IS auditor

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Which of the following controls would BEST detect intrusion? A. User ids and user privileges are granted through authorized procedures. B. Automatic logoff is used when a workstation is inactive for a particular period of time. C. Automatic logoff of the system after a specified number of unsuccessful attempts. D. Unsuccessful logon attempts are monitored by the security administrator.

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A database administrator is responsible for: A. maintaining the access security of data residing on the computers. B. implementing database definition controls. C. granting access rights to users. D. defining system's data structure.

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In a data warehouse, data quality is achieved by: A. cleansing. B. restructuring. C. source data credibility. D. transformation.

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Which of the following is the MOST important function to be performed by IS management when a service has been outsource? A. Ensuring that invoices are paid to the provider B. Participating in systems design with the provider C. Renegotiating the provider's fees D. Monitoring the outsourcing provider's performance

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Which of the following is MOST directly affected by network performance monitoring tools? A. Integrity B. Availability C. Completeness D. Confidentiality

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IS auditors, in performing detailed network assessments and access control reviews should FIRST: A. determine the points of entry. B. evaluate users access authorization. C. assess users identification and authorization. D. evaluate the domain-controlling server configuration.

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While designing the business continuity plan (BCP) for an airline reservation system, the MOST appropriate method of data transfer/back up at an offsite location would be: A. shadow file processing. B. electronic vaulting. C. hard-disk mirroring. D. hot-site provisioning.

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When performing a review of the structure of an electronic funds transfer (EFT) system, an IS auditor observes that the technological infrastructure is based on a centralized processing scheme that has been outsourced to a provider in another country. Based on this information, which of the following conclusions should be the main concern of the IS auditor? A. There could be a question with regards to the legal jurisdiction. B. Having a provider abroad will cause excesive costs in future audits. C. The auditing process will be difficult because of the distances. D. There could be different auditing norms.

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Which of these has the potential to improve security incident response processes? A. Review the incident response procedures. B. Post-mortem or post-event reviews by the security team. C. Getting the hot-site ready. D. Reviw the BCP plan every six months


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