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CCNA Interview Questions
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Why Clock rate command is not configured on ethernet interface of a router?

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How signalling can be explained in D channel of ISDN?


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Where shall i do CCNA cour??. can i do CCNA at home if yes then where shall i get CCNA book or simmulator.or if not then plz reff. me any good center in delhi

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what is meant by domain ? what is mean by DNS?

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what is routing and routed protocol ?

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what is hop count?

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in which way the datas will transfer from one host to another host by using osi layer?

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what is frame relay?

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what is the difference between osi and tcp ?


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mention the funtions about connection oriented and connectionless protocol and how it works ?

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what is the difference between dynamic NAT and NAT overload ? and how it works ?

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What does the command “IP name-server″ accomplish? a.It disables domain name lookup. b.It sets the domain name lookup to be a local broadcast. c.This is an illegal command. d.The command is now defunct and has been replaced by “IP server-name ip any”

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Which memory component on a Cisco router contains the dynamic system configuration? ROM NVRAM Flash RAM/DRAM

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Hi -All Can you tell me About of NAt (Network Address Tranlator) bcoz i have no idea about this topics Such as local ip , global ip and all plz provide the deatil of this topics

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Hi- Salmaan my name is Shadab Khan and nick Khangkp ok salmaam plz tell me about of NAT plz

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What is default packet size of ipv6?


What port does rip use?


Which ipsec rule is used for the olympia branch and what does it define?


What is Phase od VPN in site to site and what information you will require to configure a SITE to SITE VPN


Explain the types of ethernet?


1900 Value in which type of access list?


In how many ways can data be transferred in ccna?


Which classes are assignable?


What is a vlan?


hi friend i am sending some interview question which is asked from me at volvo hope this will help you of all 1 what is mpls al question is posted by jitendera kumar sinha


Name the vtp modes?


Which command we give on privilege mode for coming back to user execution mode?


What is ping utility?


What is the name of distance vector algorithm?


Mention the ranges for the private IP?