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Hi -All
Can you tell me About of NAt (Network Address
Tranlator) bcoz i have no idea about this topics Such as
local ip , global ip and all plz provide the deatil of this

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Hi -All Can you tell me About of NAt (Network Address Tranlator) bcoz i have no idea about..

Answer / kapilasdhir

There are three Types of NAT in the Network-

1.Static NAT - In Static NAT Only One Computer IS Connected
To Internet. For That We Define The Mapping Of That
Particular Computer in The Network.

2.Dynamic NAT - In Dynamic NAT We Define the Pool. In This
NAT Only Some Computer Is Connected To Internet At A Same

3. Overloading NAT (PAT) - Overloading NAT Is Also Called
PAT (port Address Translation). With The Help of PAT All of
the Internal User Are connected to internet through Single
Public IP Address In the network. In this NAT All User
Query Are Differentiate Through port Basis in the network,
that's why it is Called PAT.

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Hi -All Can you tell me About of NAt (Network Address Tranlator) bcoz i have no idea about..

Answer / chandramohan dhaked

nat is network address translator by the help of net we can
easly translate private ip to ublic ip and public to
private ip. by the nat we can conver one public ip to many
private ip's

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Hi -All Can you tell me About of NAt (Network Address Tranlator) bcoz i have no idea about..

Answer / jitendera kuar sinha

i donot know it is going to help or not
but let me try
NAT-network address translation.nat is conserned with to
convert inside local to inside global
now what is this inside loacal and inside global
let undrstand it with example
let u r a owner of a bg company and you have configured the
urs comapny n/w sytem that is i.p manualy.but u know that
for intercomunication the i.p must be
it is poosible that urs manulay used ip is also used some
were in the to comunicate to your machine over
internate it is nessery that u have to mantain a unique i for this purpose nating is used i.e it convert
inside local(urs manlay configured ip address)to inside
i think it will help you to understand
for better understaning read ither frozen(computer n/w)or
todd lamelly
now there are mainle two type of nating
staic nat
dynamic nat
these are mnaly two type of nat
staic nat-in that type of nating on eto onemapping is used
and so on
this is one to one mapping
dyanmic nat-in the dynamic nat three is no any one to one
in the dynamic maping there are lots a juble of inide
global ip adreess nadf it is allocayed dynamicaly
hope this will help you
any further enq plz mail me on

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