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How signalling can be explained in D channel of ISDN?

How signalling can be explained in D channel of ISDN?..

Answer / meena

signalling chech the logical connectivity by using q.921
lapd link access procedure on the d channel

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Sequence and acknowledgement numbers are used for? A.) Layer transitioning B.) Flow control C.) Port number addressing D.) Reliability

2 Answers  

Which statement is true regarding full duplex? A.) Allows for transmission and receiving of data simultaneously B.) Only works in a multipoint configuration C.) Does not affect the bandwidth D.) Allows for transmission and receiving of data but not a the same time

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On which interface we always apply access-list?

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Identify the keystroke used to terminate the setup mode? A.) Ctrl-K B.) Crtl-C C.) Ctrl-Z D.) Crtl-End

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What’s the simplest way to remotely configure a router?

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hi friends i have a problem.plz solve this. i am working some where and i have the number of swtitch.once my project manger says that we are going to exapnd our number of employ so plz attech an another switch.i asked to my jr network engineer that take a witch and implemnt on that n/w,as he implement the switch on that n/w.thats network get down, plz tell me what is the reason of that.

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Identify the command to display the Frame Relay map table? A.) Router# display frame-relay map B.) Router# show frame-relay map C.) Router(setup)# show frame-relay map D.) Router# show map frame-relay

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Which statement about the flow control function of TCP is true? A. TCP makes no snarl to check for lost or duplicate data packets B. The application layer must sequence data packets when using TCP C. TCP controls the flow of UDP data through negative acknowledgements (NAK) D. TCP is a connection oriented protocol that acknowledges receipt of data packets and is considered reliable

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what is diffrence between circit switching and packet switching

1 Answers   HCL, Volvo,

What is a digital certificate?

0 Answers   CCIE,

What is the administrative distance for IGRP? A.) 90 B.) 120 C.) 110 D.) 100

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Cisco's implementation of ISDN BRI has multi protocol support, SNMP MIB support, and what other features? A.) Call waiting B.) Compression C.) ADSL D.) 1.544 Mbps E.) Call screening F.) Negative 'G' support

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