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CCNA Interview Questions
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Identify the correct pair of Novell Ethernet encapsulation and Cisco terminology? A.) Ethernet II, Snap B.) Ethernet 802.3, Novell-Ether C.) Ethernet SNAP, Arpa D.) Ethernet 802.2, Snap

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Identify 3 characteristics regarding IP access-lists? A.) Can be configured as a standard access-list B.) Can be run from another router running IP C.) Can be configured as a named access-list D.) Are the same as IPX access-lists E.) Can be configured as an extended access-list

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Identify 3 ways in which a router can be configured? A.) TFTP B.) Nvram C.) ROM D.) Console E.) Trace

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A traffic light is an example of what type of mechanism? A.) Collision detection B.) Flow control C.) Sequence numbering D.) Network management

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Windowing is a type of : A.) Negative acknowledgement B.) Address resolution C.) Layer transition mechanism D.) Flow control

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Identify the 2 types of access-list filters that control SAP traffic? A.) Novell-ether B.) Arpa C.) Input-sap-filter D.) Round-robin E.) Output-sap-filter

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Identify the 3 guidelines for routers in the same autonomous system? A.) Must be configured for RIP B.) Interconnected C.) Assigned the same autonomous system number D.) Configured for the same routing protocol E.) Must be same model of router

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Identify the hardware component used to store buffers, tables, running-configuration etc? A.) NVRAM B.) ROM C.) RAM D.) Flash

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Identify 3 UDP characteristics? A.) Reliable communication protocol B.) Applications that use UDP must incorporate reliability C.) Connnection-less oriented D.) Incorporates no handshaking

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Identify the IPX standard access-list number range? A.) 600 - 699 B.) 1000 - 1099 C.) 1 - 99 D.) 100 - 199 E.) 800 - 899

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Which OSI layer provides best effort end to end packet delivery? A.) Data-Link B.) Presentation C.) Network D.) Transport E.) Physical F.) Application

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Identify the 2 methods to modify the routers boot sequence? A.) Setup program B.) Boot system commands C.) RXBoot D.) Config-register

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Identify the 3 pieces of hardware you would not install to prevent broadcasts? A.) Switch B.) Repeater C.) Bridge D.) Router

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Identify 2 features of PPP PAP authentication? A.) Username and password is sent in clear text B.) Authentication messages are sent periodically during the connection C.) More secure than CHAP D.) Remote node is control of authentication process

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Identify the switching method that examines the destination MAC address as the frame is being received then begins forwarding the frame prior to receiving the entire frame? A.) Fragment-free B.) Store and Forward C.) Cut-through D.) Fast forward

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Un-Answered Questions { CCNA }

Explain the difference between named and extended acl?


On which base switches take decisions?


Explain isakmp ?


Which reserve port no http use?


When we use interface mode?


What is fcs?


Explain the difference between simple authentication and md5?


What is the ieee standard for wireless networking?


What is the size of an ip address?


what are the different asymmetric algorithms?


On which base distance vector choose best path?


What is the difference between simple authentication and md5?


Explain what is formula of hold down time of eigrp protocol?


In which ios version 182 people can access router through telenet?


How do you depict an IP address?