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CCNA Interview Questions
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A default route is analogous to a _________. A. default gateway B. static route C. dynamic route D. one-way route

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Routers can learn about destinations through static routes, default, or dynamic routing. By default, a router will use information derived from __________. A. IGRP B. RIP C. IP D. TCP


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You are logged into a router, what command would show you the IP addresses of routers connected to you? A. show cdp neighbors detail B. show run C. show neighbors D. show cdp

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As a system administrator, you perform an extended ping at the privileged EXEC prompt. As part of the display, you see "Set DF bit in IP header? [yes] :" What would happen if you answered no at the prompt. A. This lets the router fragment the packet. B. It tells the router not to fragment the packet. C. This lets the router direct the packet to the destination it finds in its routing table. D. It tell the router to send the packet to the next hop router.

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You have typed "ping" and get the following display: Type escape sequence to abort. Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echoes to, timeout is 2 seconds: .!!!! What does the "." signify? A. That one message timed out. B. That all messages were successful. C. That one message was successful. D. That one message completed in under the allotted timeframe.

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Which command, that is used to test address configuration, uses Time-To-Live (TTL) values to generate messages from each router. A. trace B. ping C. telnet D. bootp

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What does the command "IP name-server" accomplish? A. It sets the domain name lookup to be a local broadcast. B. This is an illegal command. C. It disables domain name lookup. D. The command is now defunct and has been replaced by "IP server-name ip any"


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As a system administrator, you need to provide your routers with a Domain Name System (DNS) server. How many DNS servers can you specify with one command? A. 6 B. 1 C. 2 D. 4

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How would you configure one host name that points to two IP addresses? A. IP host jacob B. IP jacob C. IP host jacob D. IP host duplicate "all"

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The following selections show the command prompt and the configuration of the IP network mask. Which two are correct? A. Router#term IP netmask-format { bitcount | decimal | hexadecimal } B. Router(config-if)#IP netmask-format { bitcount | decimal | hexadecimal } C. Router(config-if)#netmask-format { bitcount | decimal | hexadecimal } D. Router#ip netmask-format { bitcount | decimal | hexadecimal }

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When configuring the subnet mask for an IP address, which formats can be used?A. dotted-decimal. B. Hexadecimal C. Bit-count D. Octal E. Binary

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You are given the following address: Determine the subnet mask, address class, subnet address, and broadcast address. A., B,, B., C,, C., C,, D., C,,

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You are given the following address: Determine the subnet mask, address class, subnet address, and broadcast address. A., B,, B., C,, C., B,, D., B,,

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You are given the following address: Determine the subnet mask, address class, subnet address, and broadcast address. A., A,, B., B,, C., A,, D., A,,

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You have an IP host address of and a subnet mask of What is the broadcast address? A. B. C. D.

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What is the logical link control?


In which protocol supenetting is enable by default?


I simulate ten routers r1 to r10 straightly. I want I can ping from the loop of r1 to loop of r10, but I want I cant ping r1 and r10 from inside routers.?


After how long eigrp protocol advertise its routing table?


What is ping? What is the usage of ping?


How does cut-through LAN switching work?


What is segmentation and fragmentation?


Explain the types of nat?


What is the key advantage of using switches?


What is overlaod?


Which works router do?


Can you explain the broader steps of how L2F establishes the tunnel?


Explain what is formula of hold down time of eigrp protocol?


Mention what does the clock rate do?


Which ipsec rule is used for the olympia branch and what does it define?