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CCNA Interview Questions
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What does a router do with a packet that it does not have a destination network for? A.) Sends it to the Serial port B.) Drops the packet C.) Sends it back out the same interface it received it in D.) Forwards the packet to the next hop

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What type of frame does CDP use to gather information about it's neighbors? A.) TCP/IP B.) Novell-ether C.) Subnetwork Access Protocol (SNAP) D.) Ethernet_II

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Which protocol is used for booting diskless workstations? A.) IP B.) ARP C.) RARP D.) TCP E.) SNMP

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Which layer is responsible for synchronizing sending and receiving applications? A.) Presentation B.) Session C.) Transport D.) Application E.) Network

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Which protocol gets a hardware address from a known IP address? A.) RARP B.) TCP C.) IP D.) BootP E.) ARP F.) ICMP

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Which layer defines bit synchronization? A.) Application B.) Network C.) Transport D.) Physical E.) Session F.) Session


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Which is true regarding half duplex Ethernet operation? A.) Half Duplex ethernet technology provides a transmit circuit connection wired directly to the receiver circuit at the other end B.) Half duplex transmission between stations is achieved by using point to multipoint Ethernet and Fast Ethernet C.) With Half Duplex transmission logically circuits feed into a single cable creating a situation similar to a one way bridge D.) Half Duplex transmission between stations is achieved using Point to Point Ethernet & Fast Ethernet

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When would you use ISDN? A.) To connect LANs using POTS B.) To support applications requiring voice, data, and video C.) When you need a consistent and very high rate of data speed D.) To connect to IBM mainframes

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Which protocol will send a message to routers if a network outage or congestion occurs? A.) ARP B.) TCP C.) IP D.) ICMP

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What are the 2 functions of the Data Link Mac layer? A.) Handles access to shared media B.) Manages protocol access to the physical network medium C.) Provides SAPs for higher level protocols D.) Allows multiple devices to uniquely identify one another on the data link layer

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Which layer is responsible for coordinating communication between systems? A.) Application B.) Network C.) Session D.) Transport E.) Physical F.) Data Link


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What is the default CDP broadcast update rate for Cisco routers? A.) 120 seconds B.) 60 seconds C.) 30 seconds D.) 90 seconds

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You need to come up with a TCP/IP addressing scheme for your company. How many network IDs must you allow for when you define the subnet mask for the network? A.) One for each WAN link B.) One for each router interface C.) One for each NIC installed in each client D.) One for each subnet with hosts E.) One for each host ID

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What is the protocol number for UDP? A.) 6 B.) 17 C.) 25 D.) 21

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What is the default LMI type? A.) Cisco B.) ANSI C.) IETF D.) Q933a

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Un-Answered Questions { CCNA }

What are the conversion steps of data encapsulation?


What is the frame relay, in which layer it comes?


What metric does rip use? How is the metric used to indicate an unreachable network?


Mention what is the difference between tcp and udp?


What is GRE in PPTP?


What is hold down time formula of ospf?


Explain the difference between collision domain and broadcast domain.


When ospf protocol advertise its routing table?


What is the difference between an igp and an egp?


What is encapsulation and de-encapsulation?


Explain the difference between baseband and broadband transmission in ccna?


Define the logical link control?


What does eq means?


Which layer are called upper layer?


Which works router do?