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Hi, I cannot download anything on my office pc. only because of that i want online practice sites. anyway thanks for providing me website


what are the good books,sites to prprare for scjp?

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hi, i am MBA (Mkt & Fin) 2008. from UPTU Lucknow, i would like to know, which course (or certificate) can help me to get operational job. and any detail regarding SAP in finance. thanks in advance for reply.


Hi Anyone can share the latest ICND1 (640-822)dumps updated at 30 september 2009. specialy to Jatendra if you have any updated about the ICND1 exam.will be remain thankful.

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hi, i am MBA (MKT & FIN) UPTU Lucknow, Please any body tell me which type of courses can help me to get operational job. please tell me any short term course. any detail of SAP in Finance. thanks in advance.

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i want to ask one question that why u guys are not posting the questions is any thing wrong please post question for your and others including me knowledge

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Which of the following is a valid TCP/IP socket for an Email connection? 00-00-03-1B-CA-6F:143 60.4:110

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Which of the following is an example of a Transport Layer protocol? Ethernet IP TCP RS-232

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Of the following characteristics, which apply to UDP? Connection-oriented Connectionless Error checking Low overhead Best-effort delivery

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A server is running HTTP, SMTP and DHCP. Which of the following best explains how the server is able to handle all three services over the same connection? The server has separate buffer areas for each application and forwards all data to each service. If the data does not apply to that application, it is discarded. The server processes each packet one at a time and forwards the data to the application that indicates that it is waiting for a transmission to arrive. The data is discarded if it does not apply to that application. The server uses the destination port number in the TCP/UDP header to identify the service. The data is forwarded to the service identified by the port number. The server uses separate three-way handshake connections to control the flow of the data and relates the service to the proper connection. This relationship allows the server to pass the data to the proper service.

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When using TCP, after a session is open, the applications can adjust the amount of segments they receive before sending an acknowledgment. This behaviour is known as ______________. FCS Windowing MTU adjustment Flexible Send Path

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Which address or number is used to pass the data to the correct application? MAC Number IP address Port Number Segment Number

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What are the two most common transport layer protocols? UDP TCP IPX ARP

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What is an advantage of UDP? Low Overhead High Overhead Reliable Not reliable

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Select the most correct statement regarding client port address assignment. The client port always matches the destination port. To access a web page the client uses the source port of 80 and the destination port is dynamically selected. When a client requests a web page the destination port is 80 by default and the source port for the client is dynamically selected. The client source port is 1024 to get web pages and 1055 when retrieving ftp files.

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After how long keep alive messages exchange in eigrp?


What is ping used for?


What are the advantages of layered model in networking industry?


What is difference between null Nat and NAT 0


Can anyone give me Teradata TA0-121 certification exam dumps.....If anyone has plz send me on my mail Id bpshekhawat@gmail.com Thanx in advance.................


how to apply of export document cource which is the best classes for export documentation please advice me.


How many maximum paths you can give on latest ios in rip?


Explain how many maximum paths you can give on latest ios in rip?


What is the difference between dynamic ip and static ip addressing?


In a GLP facility who will decide whether a study to be conducted as GLP or Non-GLP study


What are packets?


What is the formula for metric of ospf?


hi, 2012 I got an invitation for a organization conference and I was deny in 2013, I also got an invitation form my friend who is American citizen to visit her just two weeks and I was also deny. can I still apply for a visa if the possibility is there?


Which peer authentication method and which ipsec mode is used to connect to the branch locations? (Choose two)


What is the function of a router?