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Visual Basic Interview Questions
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I want to develop a stand alone application which can communicate with the existing applications in the system. On which this application should be based on: Standard Exe, Active-X Exe, Active-X Dll.

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What is the maximum size of form to hold the controls?

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Write the correct order of execution of following form?s events: initialization, Load, Activate, Refresh , Paint

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How do we call MS- Excel in VB?

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What does option Explicit means?

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What does Query_unload event do in VB? Why we need Form _unload event?

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what are Instancing for classes provided by ActiveX component like prive, publicnotcreatable,SingleUse, GlobalSinleUse,MultiUse.


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Wat is multithreading in VB?

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Wat is Apartment Model?

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how to validate the pop up window Example :assume there is an webpage in that webpage we had a button to browser or file to upload . how to validate this button if we click on that botton window should appear else back to the page i need in VB Script Code since i am using QTP for testing


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Wat is d diff b/w API fns & Norm fns


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what is Option Implicit

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reading lines from a file by searching a word(instr) and copying to other textfile,but its only copying only one line but there are some other lines match criteria but not copying to the files

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what is visual basic

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how many no of controls in form?

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What is the use of Data Form Wizard?


Is visual basic case sensitive?


Which type of object requires this object?


How would you create properties in ActiveX Control?


Is visualvm free?


Is it possible to change menu runtime using API? If yes? Specify the function names.


Explain Default cursor Type and LockEdits type in RDO?


Hi, I am USINg QTP tool for automation. Where VB Script have to use. I want to read a row from the table present in .Doc File and to paste in excel. Could you please assist me or give me the code to get it. I am new in this technology.


How would you navigate between one document to another document in Internet Explorer ?


Explain about Caturing Baseline.


What are the types of Error? In which areas the Error occurs?


How to find the current record position in data control?


How can Visual Basic be used for server-side scripting?


Through which protocol OLEDB components are interfaced?


what are the Parts of ODBC?