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When Activex exe is benificial in vb application


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VB ActiveX: Create a "drivelist"(D1) box, a "folderlistbox"(FLD1) that changes whenever D1 is changed , and a "FilelistBox"(FIL1) that is populated with the file lists under the selected directory in (D1).The file selected is stored in a variable "filename" along with the path. Question: How to use this activeX control in VC++ to get the selected filename?


in ADO connection string if password is leave blank and all others are given. what will happen


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What is the difference between modal and modaless form in VB?

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Why we need a MDI form? How can we make a form as a mdichild form?


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Specify technical & functional architecture of your last 2 projects.


What are the objects in ADODB?

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What are different types of cursors in ADODB?

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What are different types of locks in ADODB?

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What is disconnected recordset?

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Besides Standard Exe what are other types of projects in VB?

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What is the difference among Standard EXE, Active-X DLL, Active-X EXE?

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A standard exe contains a registered Active-X DLL. Now some error arise in the application but not in the standard exe , it is in the Active-X DLL. How do you find it out in which line no the error is?

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How can we find out that a recordset is blank (without using recordcount property)?

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What is the difference between procedure and functions in VB?


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How should dates be implemented so they work with other language and country formats?


What is OLEDB?


What is the use of Hyperlink control for DHTML applications?


How would you map properties to controls by using ActiveX Control Interface Wizard?


How do I implement an accelerator key for a text box?


How would you navigate between one document to another document in Internet Explorer ?


What is the default workspace?


How do I get a bitmap picture in a field in an Access database?


Specify technical & functional architecture of your last 2 projects.


What is the use of Immediate, Local Window?


What is the use of Scalewidth and ScaleHeight Proeperty?


How do I call help files from a VB program?


What is OLEDB?


What is the use of parameters collection?


What is DDE?