Dot Net Interview Questions
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What is the difference between a Struct and a Class

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How big is the char ?

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How do you initiate a string without escaping each backslash ?

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What's the access level of the visibility type internal ?

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Explain encapsulation

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What data type should you use if you want an 8-bit value that's signed ?

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Speaking of Boolean data types, what's different between C# and C/C++ ?

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Where are the value-type variables allocated in the computer RAM ?

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Where do the reference-type variables go in the RAM ?

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What is the difference between the value-type variables and reference-type variables in terms of garbage collection ?

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How do you convert a string into an integer in .NET

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How do you box a primitive data type variable ?

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Why do you need to box a primitive variable

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What's the difference between Java and .NET garbage collectors ?

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How do you enforce garbage collection in .NET

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what is more complex to implement property, methods or event? how can I define criteria to compare the difficulty of implementation between them? for example the number of methods wanted to implements property is 2 methods. how many methods I need it to implements events?


what are login controls?


What is the purpose of Accordian in jquery? Where it can be used?


Types of compatabilities and explain them ?


Describe the Managed Execution Process?


what are the fundamental and common properties of .net controls?


Can you create a tabletype of recordset in Jet - connected ODBC dbengine?


what is dot net? what is use dot net? what is benifit of dot net?what is vb dot net? what is ado dot net? what is c#?


what are constructors and destructors?


i already displaying one datagrid. now i want to make change to particular column header i.e i want to split that column header and it includes one more header.... write a code for that in windows application using


Interop Services?


what is the meaning silverligt control


What is the best way to crack the certification?


How do you apply specific formatting to the data inside the cells?


Write Code for DataSet,Datareader,and by deleting the button gridview should be empty?