Dot Net Interview Questions
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Who defines the CAS code groups

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How do I define my own code group

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How do I change the permission set for a code group

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I can't be bothered with all this CAS stuff. Can I turn it off

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Can I look at the IL for an assembly

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How can I stop my code being reverse-engineered from IL

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Is there built-in support for tracing/logging

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Can I redirect tracing to a file

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What is GC (Garbage Collection) and how it works

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What is MSIL, IL, CTS and, CLR

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What is Reference type and value type

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What is global assembly cache

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What is difference between constants, readonly and, static

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What is difference between shared and public

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What are the types of authentication in .net

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Un-Answered Questions { Dot Net }

What are Satellite Assemblies? How you will create this? How will you get the different language strings?


what is datacontrols?


Difference between throw exception and rethrowing ?


i already displaying one datagrid. now i want to make change to particular column header i.e i want to split that column header and it includes one more header.... write a code for that in windows application using


can u give me real example of how web.config overrides the machine.config file?


What is the purpose of Accordian in jquery? Where it can be used?


Types of evidence in .net with context to CAS


What is cyclomatic complexity and why is it important?


6. Wcf- what is SOA


What are the challenging issues you have faced in implementation project/Maintainance project in .net Functionality? How you have overcome that issue?


how to use custom field validation


How are the activation URLs different in case of SAO and CAO in .NET remoting?


.Net Frame work arch?


What is the best way to crack the certification?


what is the method while we are using adapter and dataset ?