Dot Net Interview Questions
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Who defines the CAS code groups

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How do I define my own code group

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How do I change the permission set for a code group

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I can't be bothered with all this CAS stuff. Can I turn it off

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Can I look at the IL for an assembly

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How can I stop my code being reverse-engineered from IL

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Is there built-in support for tracing/logging

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Can I redirect tracing to a file

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What is GC (Garbage Collection) and how it works

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What is MSIL, IL, CTS and, CLR

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What is Reference type and value type

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What is global assembly cache

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What is difference between constants, readonly and, static

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What is difference between shared and public

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What are the types of authentication in .net

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Un-Answered Questions { Dot Net }

Session State and can i store desirialized object in state server, if yes how and if not why.


How to implement CAS in .Net?


Please explain me what the project manager will ask in the interview.The interview is for senior position in .Net (5 years experience )


difference between Response.write,server.transfer and also which one is used when ?


What are the security policy levels in .Net


Is there any attempt system for microsoft technology papers?


what are the events for a form?


how to make and display a form without title bar?


what are the fundamental and common properties of .net controls?


i m fresher,hav SQL knowledge but in my ofc. i hav to work on dotnet. so plz tell me how to learn it,? from where to stat? i hav C prog. knowledge,


what is the difference between running an application with and without debugger?


how to use custom field validation


i have done enough testing in life but now stated developing intereset in development work,Can i think of entering into development work that too in >Net after more then 4 years of testing experiece?


I want ask from plz smaple example code for Biztalkk server


What are the consideration in deciding to use .NET Remoting or ASP.NET Web Services?