Dot Net Interview Questions
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What is the CTS

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What is the CLS

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What is IL

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What does 'managed' mean in the .NET context

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What is the difference between Finalize and Dispose (Garbage collection)

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Changes to which portion of version number indicates an incompatible change

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What is side-by-side execution? Can two application one using private assembly and other using Shared assembly be stated as a side-by-side executables

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Why string are called Immutable data Type

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Why doesn't the .NET runtime offer deterministic destruction

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Is the lack of deterministic destruction in .NET a problem

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Can I customise the serialization process

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Why is XmlSerializer so slow

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Why do I get errors when I try to serialize a Hashtable

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What are attributes

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How does CAS work

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how to use custom field validation


I have a problem in installing visual Studio 2008 on PC that have Celeron Processor ? afterAll InstallionFaied . Pls suggest me . Is it possible or not .if Yes then How ?


what is the difference between master page and content page?


what is dot net? what is use dot net? what is benifit of dot net?what is vb dot net? what is ado dot net? what is c#?


I was working for software company frm 2005 to 2009. I left job due to recession.I was jobless till dec 09 then i got job in bpo and i am not knowing what to do as my professional experience is with software.give me any suggestion.


what is the keyword used for self reference?


what is datacontrols?


What tags do you need to add within the asp:datagrid tags to bind columns manually.


Types of compatabilities and explain them ?


Garbage collector?s functionality on unmanaged code ?


Why you want to leave your previous company.


Describe the Managed Execution Process


Describe the difference between inline and code behind which is best in a loosely coupled solution?


hai, about trading domain and need simple project on trading system. please help me...


About Iunknown interface Queue ,its methods Query Interface Addref,Release and Explain each ?