Dot Net Interview Questions
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Which is the best institute in chennai to learn DotNet?

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Which is the best institute in chennai to learn DotNet? Please help.

HCL, NIIT, Infosys,

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hai, about trading domain and need simple project on trading system. please help me...


any one can explain about projectarchitecture and project approach briefly


how we can capture the value in textbox when selectedvluechanged event of gridview is fired

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Can we Classic ASP,.Net 1.0, .Net 1.x and .Net 2.0 installed on the same system?

Value Labs,

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Which Security Algorithm used to encrypt the data? a) DES b)RC2 c)Triple DES d)All the above

CTS, Value Labs,

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Can we share session between ASP.Net & ASP

Accenture, Value Labs,

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How to send the Mail in C# using ASP.Net ? And my Answer is as follows ?


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I have two combobox .. and i have some items in both combobox now i need to check the item in both combobox if same item is Present in both combobox i need to display that item in message box

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Please tell me the .net 2.5 frame work with example

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I am looking for a fast track course (MAX 15 days) in MS.NET 3.5 and SQLSERVER 2005 in hyderabad or mumbai or pune. I am working in mumbai so cannot gor for long course. Can any body suggest me the best couching class or best faculty for the same. Thanks.

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Why DLL files are needed. & how They are Created in DOTNET?

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How to work with Crystal Reports without using Visual Studio?

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What is the necessity for singning an assembly with a strong name?


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How to instantiate a delegate?


I have a problem in installing visual Studio 2008 on PC that have Celeron Processor ? afterAll InstallionFaied . Pls suggest me . Is it possible or not .if Yes then How ?


what is dotnet architecture? can anyone explain that.


sql related question (outer join, left, right etc) array vs hashtable CRL sqldatareader vs dataset what is WPF, WCF, compare to WinForms Webservices MVC vs WebForms?


what is dot net? what is use dot net? what is benifit of dot net?what is vb dot net? what is ado dot net? what is c#?


how print PGL by XML


What is RCW (Run time Callable Wrappers)?


Why you want to leave your previous company.


what is the keyword used for self reference?


what is sessions and cookies take one example simple way to understand


Interop Services?


what are login controls?


SAP Business One(this is intigrated tool of .net)


What are the new features of Framework 1.1 ?


how to add list of items in a web application and win application?