Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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wat is auto accounting

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On what basis you will define accounting structure

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Define each Flexfeild qualifiers (natural accounts, balancing acc., secondary tracking, cost center)

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If balancing account is not assigned to company & is assigned to department wat will be the effects

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Assigning natural account to accounting seg. What will happen

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wat is mass allocation and when it is used

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what is MD050 & wat specifications are included in it

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what is withholding tax

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what is budgeting and steps required to configure this

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When we run a GL Reconciliation Report, we also see the void payments in that report. Even though i disable the option of Show Void payments, its appearing in the report.How do i proceed so that i dont see those void payments in the GL Reconciliation Report?



What in Invoice Variance in A.P.


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What is the purpose of secondary tracking Flexfeild Qualifier


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what is the difference between General Calendar and Inventory Calendar?

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you have create a purchase order, it is approved also. now you want to change in the purchase order, hoe can you do that?


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you have received excess money from the customer. now you want to refund the excess money. what is the set up for that?


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difference between 11i&r12


What is the Use of Grouping Rule in Receivables ? is it mandatory field ?


How do u bridge the gaps in functional understanding of AP,GL,FA. explain with some live examples.


what is the difference between before pages trigger and after parameter trigger in reports ?


Re: While you are in implemenation what are u faced the issues ? tell me what some ap & GL issues?


In Subinventories Form, how to enable the Locator Control. A message displayed when changing the drop down list "FRM-40200: Field is protected against update.


how service tax work.


explain with examples what r the roles & Responsiblities of a functional consultant who reviews the Test Scripts, Test Cases and Test Execution Results of AP, FA and GL.


Recurring Problem Posting i have Journals for sep 2018 that i approved but they are not available to post even though the period is open in Oracle R12 Issues


Can I do a payment of 50 bills on a post date. If yes, then how?


What is the Process of Reconciliation Between AP to GL


How to Reconciliation AP to CM ? How to Reconciliation AR to CM ?


What is Difference between Auto Copy Journal and recurring journal?


How do write a discoverer report to identify zero dollar suppliers/invoices where the supplier is on hold?


How will account an advance of Rs.10000/- which is a permanent prepayment, can I make payment for this?