Oracle Apps Interview Questions
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How is the GL Date derived by AutoInvoice process? Any set-ups?

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What is the use of the Default GL Date given in parameters of the Autoinvoice import program?

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Can it be set that the GL date is the Sale Order date or Ship to Date?

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Can multiple Sales Orders be invoiced under one Invoice?

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Can Adjustments be imported?


Grouping Rules and Line Ordering Rules

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Is it possible to import invoices of a specific Sales Order?

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Can Supplier numbering be set to automatic?

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Substitute receipts and Unordered Receipts


What is the difference between Recurring Journals and Recurring Invoices? What is the need for the Recurring Journals in GL when Recurring invoices exist in AP?


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When does the Invoice price variance arise? What is the accounting entry?

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Can journals imported from sub-ledger, if unposted, be modified?

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What kind of budgets have you worked on?


How can FSG be generated to provide dynamic report i.e. current month, previous month and 2 months before balances for a given period?

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Where is the method of Supplier Number set? At what level is the supplier numbering controlled?

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Re: While you are in implemenation what are u faced the issues ? tell me what some ap & GL issues?


How service contracts interfacing with accounts receivable module?


What are all security levels for accessing the service contracts?


What are the pre-request setups for oracle service contracts?


what are the difference for simple & advance search?


what is global tempory table?


How to copy the contracts?


pls send me out bound code of supplers,site,bankiformation code pls as soon as


Can Adjustments be imported?


In one flat file i got headers and lines data how you can write control file now ?


How to define party roles and sources?


Give examples & explain the below mentioned activity. "Analyzing the documents provided by the client and thereby identifying the test cases to be tested for the application assigned (FA, AP and GL)"


How to cascade the changed attributes in service contracts?


How to define the billing profile and assign to the contracts?


What is service availability and how to define?