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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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why the derivative in PID is always set to zero?

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how to control pid


how to control motor load with rpm or vfd

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What is governor of turbine?


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What is the difference between PLC-HMI and DCS as each function of DCS based system is possible in PLC ?

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can we create an interrupt in plc through scada?

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how to calibrate corollaries (Mass flow meter)?



what type of cables are used for f&G systems and detectors, what is the standard colour?

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I have a steam flow DP transmitter that has output swinging. Steam valve is in manual.I have good steam pressure. The impulse lines have steam tracing on them. The steam tracing has a hole in it that is blowing raw steam on the high side impulse line only. Could this be causing the swinging?


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could someone explain for me what is 32-bit Floating Point ? Thanks

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An engineering term STALL used in compressor operation what it means?

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relation between level and differential pressure.

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where proximity sensor installed on tank in loading arm application


where proximity sensor installed on tank in loading arm application

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which gas or which liquid is filled in capillary of dial type temperature indicators on power transformers

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what is function of SCADA , and how is it work, explain with difination


can we replace a slot sensor (inductive type) with limit switch (potenial free contact / no-nc type).


I want to know the questions asked in ONGC interview(after being selected in the written exam) for Instrumentation branch.Kindly help.


hi friends,im an instrumentation and contol engg student,can u hlp me of suggsting barc written question paper,my id is, cel no.9563591747


Why ac supply load cell is used? Can we use the dc supply load cell?


control panel design guidelines


Displace type LT to be calibrated in workshop, wt. 40, dia- 60 mm, density- 0.8kg/cm3.


what is diffrance between FF & SMART, explain with difination


Why MUX JB's are using only Temperature Element in Fundation field bus?


Meaning of the following a. IOP- Manimum; b. IOP- Maximu,;


Why the ammonia and Nitric Acid level indicators is with millimeter ? and What is the conversion form millimeters that level indicator indicate to weight ?


How to calibrate H2s Dectector


Any one can help me to identified, how can we interchange the device in FF


If a warning lamp will operate with the ground circuit is bypassed with a jumper wire to ground, what should you check?


we have a s-5 simense plc having op7 .recently on op7 showing error 1.plc not present 2. DB error frequently. can u have any solution . please send me.