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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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What is i/e or o/p transmitter(ma/v)?


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What is zone,loop/fire alarm system?



What is ptw and write 3 types of ptw?


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What is actuator what is motorized control valve?


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What is super thermocoupal?



what is PM/CM/RCM?


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which type of signal used in instrument?

Emco, Makson, Sail, TATA,

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I have completed B.E. Instrumentation & control in 2009. i have 3 year industrial job experience in chemical, I want to join M.E. in external. so, Plese say easiet way and good institute name.


i want formula for flow doing project in flow control using orifice . i know value of the flow level(Q) . upstream(p1) pressure, orifice diameter(Do) , pipe diameter(Di) and oil viscosity(Vi) how can i calculate downstream pressure


What is the difference between modbus,fieldbus & profibus



Anybody know how to create a ladder programme for power switch in TV remote without using counter... ie TV can be turn on and turn off using single push button switch... on pressing the switch first time TV turn on and hold the on state till i press the switch again, and after TV turn off.

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Can any body help to get Rsemulator 5000 free from internet if possible then give me any link or any help .



how to calibrate an error for pressure transmitter, make it easy to understand


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What is Modbus communication


1. what is 3 point calibration & 5 point calibration? 2. If we use hart communicator to set the LRV & URV of a smart transmitter, did we calibrate the transmitter? why? 3. Make a complet list if meterials needed to properly connect a pressure gauge to a steam pipe using 1/2 inch stainless steel tubing. The gauge connections is 1/2 inch NPT-M and the steam pipe tap has a 1/2 inch female coupling, compression fittings are use. 4. What are the tools in loop checking? 5. What would the ISA symbol of a square root extractor look like? 6. What would you do to completely prepare for the configuration? 7. What safety measures must you undertake when doing configuration? 8. what are the two most commonly use programming languages used when we configure a PLC? 9. What would you do if you accidentally skipped a step in the configuration procedure? 10. How would you know if the configuration were sucessful? 11. Name at least 3 selections available when we configure the burnout protection of a controller?

EI Electrotechnical Institute,

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Coal mill Instruments Equipments for cement plant And process diagram ?


I am teja. I am studying Msc(tech) Electronics and Instrumentation (3years course) in Andhra university. But my course is not recognised by UGC and AICTE. Please tell me the job opportunities after this course. And i fineshed PLC course in IGIAT ,Vizag.Also complted my short term coure in SCADA, Seimans WinCC in ATI,Hyd.After Msc can i join Mtech for good job? or phd. How i can get good job in INdustrial Automation Side. Please give replay.Because this is my life matter.


Speedtronic system .


sir i m preparing for BARC but i am not getting any papers to prepare for this exam so please send me some sample papers to my i.d for the preparation of barc.


Valve positioner and actuators in detail.


How to check electrical health of Vibration probe?


What is instrumentation control?


(1) In turbine, what does term CDP, NI, NH, HSSOC, means. (2) What is the purpose of LO overhead tank in turbines.(3) An equipment is certified for EEX, IA, IIC,T6, what do you under stand by this.(4) what is SURGE, and how it is prevented, what is the purpose of bypass valve across AS valve.(5) Give 2 application of quartz crystal used for process parameter measurement.(6) what is meant by cold float of compressor shaft. (7) state four different types of flow measurement. For gas flow measurement mmscfd is the common unit. Expand the unit and specify significance of word S in the unit.(8) what is meant by Gap voltage, in vibration measurement. Normally how much Gap voltage is set and state the reason.(9) what will the new flow factor if D/P transmitter is Re-Ranged from 25” wc to 50” wc.(10) what is the usage of QDV & Volume booster.


Can please tell mi about SIOS, PRM, SERVER, and what is the diference between PIN LAN, PCS LAN,APC Server, and please send the Doc if possible for referance,mail id


We Have Two Field bus Pressure Transmitters of Different Sensor Range (I.E One is of Lower range and Another is of Higher Range).Is same Process Line. My Question is Can i provide Saturation Limit to my field Bus Transmitter as We can provide Saturation current limit to HART Instruments. As During Low Pressure Both Working OK ,But During High Pressure, transmitter with Lower sensor range Goes to Fault mode as Beyond its Sensor Limit it can Measure, So may I provide Saturation point Some where to Suppress This Fault during High Pressure.


what is function of switch, and how is it work, explain with difination




Draw a simple circuit for a well head control panel used to protect the well against fire, leak, blockage, ESD, & controls the operation of one downhole & one surface safety valve. Explain the operation and controls


In power plant to measure vibration of a turbine we install sensors. Before install this sensor we have to set gap voltage. What is meant by gap voltage and its use?


give me the formula for analog to digital converter and also d to a converter