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APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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Who were the two scholars that were patronized by Vikramadhitya VI? (a) Bilhana (b) Vijnaneswara the author of the Mitakshara system of Hindu law (c) Tikkana (d) Both A & B

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Most of the Rastrkuta kings were the followers of: (a) Hinduism (b) Saivism (c) Jainism (d) None

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Sankaracharya belongs to the period of : (a) Chalukyas (b) Rastrakutas (c) Sathavahanas (d) None

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Which religion dominated during the regime of Chalukyas? (a) Buddhism (b) Jainism (c) Veera Saivism (d) None

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The Andhra Kings usually identified with the: (a) Satavahana (b) Brihatpalayanas (c) Salankayanas (d) Visnukundis

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Nahapana was defeated by: (a) Satakarni (b) Hala (c) Srimukha (d) Gautami Putra Satakarni

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Who married the daughter of Rudradaman? (a) Satakarni (b) Pulamai (c) Hala (d) Yagnasri

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Who’s coins testify maritime power of Satavahanas: (a) Pulamai-II (b) Gautamiputra Satakarni (c) Krishna (d) Satakarni

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Satavahanas came into light by the following Purana: (a) Vishnu Purana (b) Markandeya Purana (c) Aitareya purana (d) All the above

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Who was responsible for the down fall of western Chalukyas? (a) Prataparudra Deva (b) Polaraja-II (c) Rudrama Devi (d) None

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Kakatiyas were feudatories to : (a) Chalukyas of Kalyani (b) Chalukyas of Badami (c) Rashtrakutas (d) None

2 5479

Founder of Kakatiya dynasty was: (a) Rudrama Devi (b) Gundyana (c) Polaraja II (d) None

3 5185

Capital of the Kakatiya Kingdom was: (a) Hanumakonda (up to 1253) (b) Orugallu (from 1254) (c) Both A & B (d) None

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Who was responsible for the downfall of western Chalukyas? (a) Pratapa Rudra Deva-I (b) Polaraja-II (c) Rudrama Devi (d) Mahadeva

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Who built the temple of Thousand Pillars of Hanuma Konda? (a) Rudrama Devi (b) Ganapathideva (c) Pratapa Rudra Deva-I (d) Pola Raja-II

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