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Who’s coins testify maritime power of Satavahanas:

(a) Pulamai-II

(b) Gautamiputra Satakarni

(c) Krishna

(d) Satakarni

Who’s coins testify maritime power of Satavahanas: (a) Pulamai-II (b) Gautamiputra Satakarni..

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( a ) Pulamai-II

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. The unit trust of India meant for: (1) Providing an opportunity for investment to small investors (2) Giving loans (3) Mobilizing small savings (4) Encouraging exports

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Who was the last Governor General of India (1) Rajaji (2) Lord Mountbatten (3) Rajendra Prasad (4) Mavlankar

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Who gave Masulipatnam and Divi to French to express his gratitude: (a) Nasir Jang (b) Muzaffar Jang (c) Chanda Sahib (d) Salabat Jang

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The Sun is (1) A small star (2) A medium-sized star (3) A big star (4) Not a star

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Select disinvestments of public sector enterprises as an objective included to the first time in the (1) 4th plan (2) 7th plan (3) 8th plan (4) 8th plan

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Who of the following was the foreign minister of the Taliban and was increasingly in the news recently? (1) Ahmad Shah Masood (2) Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil (3) Mohammad Hassan Akhund (4) Mullah Mohammad Omar

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. Malik Kafur was a trusted general of (1) Ala-Ud-din-Khilji (2) Feroz Tughlaq (3) Iltutmish (4) Changez Khan

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. Which one of the following phenomena causes the shape of the Earth? (1) Atmosphere (2) Rotation (3) Revolution (4) Internal structure

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. Who was the first freedom fighter of Andhra Pradesh (1) Harisarvothama Rao (2) Veeresalingam (3) Narayana (4) Venkatappaiah

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. The book ‘Kamasutra’ was written by (1) Hala (2) Rajasekhara (3) Vatsyayana (4) Nagarjuna

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. ‘Operation Flood’ project aims at: (1) Increasing irrigation facilities using flood waters (2) Dairy development (3) Controlling floods (4) None of the above

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. India’s principal foreign exchange earner is (1) Rubber (2) Tea (3) Coffee (4) Cotton

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