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Capital of the Kakatiya Kingdom was:

(a) Hanumakonda (up to 1253)

(b) Orugallu (from 1254)

(c) Both A & B

(d) None

Capital of the Kakatiya Kingdom was: (a) Hanumakonda (up to 1253) (b) Orugallu (from 1254) ..

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( c ) Both A & B

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The downfall of the Gupta empire was mainly due to the invasions of (a) The pallavas (b) The Hunas (c) Cholas (d) All the above

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hello iam neeha.i want to appear for APPSC-Industrial Promotion officer post(2012) it is my 1st attempt in govt exam.i have completed engineering. paper I G.S--how to prepare? is tata mcgraw hill gs manual book enough? and for paper-II ->diploma level applied sciences(maths,phy,chem) means ...what material i should refer & how to prepare...iam worried abt paper-II first! got only 4 months left for the exam!!!

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the phenomen taking place in a periscope are:

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. The court Krishnadevaraya as visited by a Portuguese traveler by name (1) Nicolokonti (2) Abdul Razack (3) Damingopaes (4) None

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. Jama Masjid at Delhi was built by (1) Aurangzeb (2) Shahjahan (3) Jahangir (4) None of these

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In South-East Asia, the highest population density is found in (1) Vietnam (2) Cambodia (3) Malaysia (4) Indonesia

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. India’s principal foreign exchange earner is (1) Rubber (2) Tea (3) Coffee (4) Cotton

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. News Print is manufactured at (1) Nepanagar (M.P.) (2) Hyderabad (3) Madras (4) All the three

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In Palanati battle Kakatiyas helped to: (a) Malideva (b) Nalagama (c) Brahmanaidu (d) None

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The Taj Mahal was built by (1) Jahangir (2) Akbar (3) Shershah (4) Shahjahan

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Which of the following types of soils have more moisture retaining capacity? (a) Red Soils (b) Alluvival Soils (c) Black Cotton Soils (d) Laterite Soils

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