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Who were the two scholars that were patronized by
Vikramadhitya VI?

(a) Bilhana

(b) Vijnaneswara the author of the Mitakshara system of
Hindu law

(c) Tikkana

(d) Both A & B

Who were the two scholars that were patronized by Vikramadhitya VI? (a) Bilhana (b) Vijnanesw..

Answer / guest

( d ) Both A & B

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The prayer halls of Buddhists are called : (a) Armas (b) Chaityas (c) Sangitis (d) Tripitakas

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. Pulkesin II was contemporary of (1) Ashoka (2) Samudra Gupta (3) Harsha (4) Prithviraj Chouhan

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nabards primary role is

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please send me material for grou ii exam to my mail id given is

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Can somebody tell which institutes(Please provide contact number also) in Hyderabad are best for Group 1 & Group 2 exams.

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Disguised unemployment refers to (1) Persons no willing to work (2) Persons wit no work (3) More persons employed for a job which few can perform (4) Unemployment of people above 60 years of age

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