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Sankaracharya belongs to the period of :

(a) Chalukyas

(b) Rastrakutas

(c) Sathavahanas

(d) None

Sankaracharya belongs to the period of : (a) Chalukyas (b) Rastrakutas (c) Sathavahanas ..

Answer / guest

( b ) Rastrakutas

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. Which one of the following has the smallest population (1) Canada (2) Australia (3) Burma (4) Indonesia

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. The Rajya Sabha member must have completed the age of a (1) 21 years (2) 25 years (3) 30 years (4) 35 years

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Who were pioneers in the construction of temples? (a) The Pallavas (b) The Vishnukundins (c) The Chalukyas of Vengi (d) Both A & B

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. The Prime Minister must be a member of (1) Lok Sabha (2) Rajya Sabha (3) Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (4) None

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Who was responsible for the down fall of western Chalukyas? (a) Prataparudra Deva (b) Polaraja-II (c) Rudrama Devi (d) None

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. Most of the leather goods industries are located at (1) Kanpur, Calcutta and Madras (2) Agra (3) Hyderabad (4) Both 1 & 2

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Who was shot dead during the forest Satyagraha? (a) Unnava Laxminarayana (b) Vedantam Narasimhachari (c) Kanneganti Hanumanthu (d) None

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. First Indian Women who went to jail in freedom struggle at (1) Vijayawada (2) Hyderabad (3) Chirala-Perala (4) Gujarat

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. Alexander defeated Porus in the battle of (1) Panipat (2) Talikota (3) Beas (4) Taxila

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The first capital of the Satavahanas was (a) Purushapura (b) Pratistanapura (c) Peshavar (d) Dhanyakataka

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