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The Andhra Kings usually identified with the:

(a) Satavahana

(b) Brihatpalayanas

(c) Salankayanas

(d) Visnukundis

The Andhra Kings usually identified with the: (a) Satavahana (b) Brihatpalayanas (c) Salank..

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( a ) Satavahana

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The Eastern Chalukyan king who patronized Nannayabhattu was (a) Ammaraja (b) Bhima II (c) Rajaraja (d) Vijayaditya

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group4 lo enni marks vasthe post vache avakasam undi?

1 Answers   NET,

The first French settlement in Andhras was? (a) Yanam (b) Pulicat (c) Narasapur (d) Masula

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. Which of the following is not a Kharif crop (1) Jute (2) Maize (3) Mustard (4) Rice

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. Who played an important role in bringing about the ingegration of the princely states into the Indian union? (1) Mahatma Gandhi (2) Jawaharlal Nehru (3) Rajendra Prasad (4) Sardar Patel

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Which language flourished under the patronage of the Eastern Chalukyas? (a) Telugu (b) Prakrita (c) Both A & B (d) None

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Lake Volta is a part of (1) Ghana (2) Burkina Faso (3) Ivory Coast (4) Toga

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Which of the following is the correct sequential order of railway stations on a train journey from Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station to Secunderabad railway station? (1) H. Nizamuddin – Mathura – Gwalior – Agra – Jhansi – Secunderabad (2) H. Nizamuddin – Agra – Mathura – Jhansi – Gwalior – Secunderabad (3) H. Nizamuddin – Mathura – Agra – Gwalior – Jhansi – Secunderabad (4) H. Nizamuddin – Gwalior – Mathura – Jhansi – Agra – Secunderabad

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Can a public sector unit employee [Govt of India]could write departmental tests conducting by APPSC or not.

0 Answers   APPSC,

. Which one of the following cities has a Mumbai latitude different from the remaining three? (1) Mumbai (2) Bhopal (3) Calcutta (4) Ahmedabad

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The religion of the Brihatpalayanas were, (a) Vedic religion (b) Jainism (c) Saivism (d) Buddhism

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. Which of the following was the most important center of higher learning during the Mauryan period ? (1) Taxila (2) Sarnath (3) Vallabhi (4) Kanauj

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