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SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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what is retro active accounting and earliest retro active accounting?

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tell me the current slabs rates of budget in India?

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can we assign task to position or person?

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tell me the relationship of 001 in OM?

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can we create position without job in OM? will it allow to create?

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what you mean by role in OM? what is the use of that in OM?

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what is time constraint 1,2 and 3 with ex. that ex is related to info types?

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tell me the business process of OM,PA,TIME and Payroll?


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Is it possible to delete data from IT0106??

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How many wage types we can default in IT0008


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what is meant by Residence Tax Area and Work Tax Area and what is the difference the between these two and what are you going to maintain in Residence Tax Area and Work Tax Area

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what is the difference between IT2000 and IT2002

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What are the challenges you have faced in Payroll



What are the public holidays and customer specific holidays configured for your USA based Client?


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What is the difference between Easter to Sunday and Easter Sunday and illustrate with examples?


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what are the different types of time management infotypes?


What is the payroll control record?


What is the difference between app.range and ?


We created an appraisal template now I want to assign it with one employee or esg. How I can do this integration and where. What is the next step after this?


What is the process of trasferring an applicant?


What is the link between planned working time infotype (it 0007) and basic pay infotype (it 0008)?


In om, how to get the details for group of employees (ex.) Group of drivers in the organisation?


What is percentage approved.


What is qualification deficiency? How will you come to know that a person does not have certain skills/ qualifications?


How do you import payscale data from non sap to sap?


what are the functions of the employee subgroup?


What is a Work Schedule Rule?


What is a Payroll Driver?


How does business add-ins (badis) help in authorization?


Which is the transaction to create custom infotype?