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SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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How do you print logo in the Payslip?

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How you configure ESI?


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What is Off cycle Payroll? what is the T-code to run Off-Cycle payroll? Can you run Off-cycle payroll for multiple employee with this T-code?

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What is PCR IN41, IN42, IN43 do?

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What is the function in schema to read a entry from table?

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What ADDWT function do?

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What is Dynamic Action? How you define Dynamic Action, means what is the path?

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Have you enhance any standard infotype? if yes, then how you do that?

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How to assign cost center to employee?

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How to make custom infotype?

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What is factoring? Which PCR take care of Factoring?

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How you upload time data from 3rd party to SAP?

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How to make 3rd Party Payment from SAP?

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How you do Bank Transfer?

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What is the T-code for Payroll Driver and Payroll result?

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Explain the cumulation class with examples?


How can sap query be configured?


How can you create infotype?


What do you mean by structural authorization?


What steps are required to post payroll results to accounts?


What is the use of matchcode w? : hr- payroll


What is Indirect Valuation?


How do you create symbolic a/c?


What is offer to hire?


What is matchcode w used for in sap?


What are the control indicators determined by the employee subgroup grouping for time management?


What is pay roll period.


what elements make up the personnel structure?


What is the release payroll function? : hr- payroll


what infotypes are used in travel management?