SAP FI CO Interview Questions
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What does definition of a chart of account contains?


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Can one CoA be assigned to several companies?

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What is account group and what does it control?

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What is reconciliation account; can you directly enter documents in that a/c?

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How do you control field status of GL master records and from where do you control.


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What are the segments of GL master record?

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What does Field status group assigned to a GL master record controls?

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What is Country and operational chart of account? Why do you use group chart of account?

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What are all the segments in a Customer/Vendor master record?


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What is open line item management? What do you mean by clearing open line items?

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What is residual payment and part payment?


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What is internal and external number ranges?

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What controls the Customer/Vendor master records field status?

IBM, Ballast,

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What is sub ledger? How is it linked to GL?

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What is house bank, bank key?


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What is BBP for an SAP FI consultant? p,lz answer it , maximum company ask dis as the first question.


SAP Banking Module, I want to upload a document in Business Partner (Customer)Master Data in a SAP Banking Module.


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What is deffrent Between Company Act and Income Tax Act depriciayion


SAP DEPRECIATION RUN ERROR: I have a problem with depreciation posting. I have searched the forum but did not find any answer. Net book value of $ 559,350 as on April 2012 was fully depreciated by 31 Mar 2017. Additions between April 2012 and March 2017 were correctly depreciated. However, additions from 01 Apr 2017 were fully depreciated when depreciation program was executed. For example, asset acquisition on 01 May 2017 $ 2400 was fully depreciated ($ 2400) which is not correct. It should be $ 2000*20%/12*11 = $ 440. Subsequently, in Jan 2018, on the acquisition of $ 207, the system has posted a positive depreciation of $ 47,469 on the base value of $ 1,640,423.72!!! More surprisingly, acquisition after that is correctly depreciated. For example, acquisition on Jan of $ 3,488.94 was correctly depreciated by $ 174.45 (3488.94*20%/12*3 months). Here are the details of the configuration of depreciation: · Depreciation method SLM · Base method 0014 · Useful life: 5 years (20% depreciation). · Period control 01/01/01/01 · Depreciation after the end of planned life – the box is “checked”. · There is only ordinary depreciation. · “Only negative values and zero allowed” checked in Rule for positive/negative sign for ordinary depreciation in Depreciation Area. · Fiscal year: April to March · SAP ECC 6.0 Can anybody suggest/help how to fix this?


DIfference between F-43


What is the meaning of ADHOC P.O's Do we create Adhoc P.O's to our regular Vendors.What are the Tax aspects in this Issue.


tell about u r business proceses?


there is a inst named technopad which is giving sap fico training,can anyone tell me that is that a good option for sap training


How can we implement sap project from different places?


Please give me customization setting for FI/Co - CIN? up to vendor/customer invoice posting for excise/service tax / withholding tax? as a fi consultant what are the settings to be done? pls is there any website for the CIN separately for self learning? rgds, Bindu


How do we create tasks? What is the difference between task and change request?


what is validation &substution


What is Business process in sap contorlling


Hi Experts could u please me some questions with answers like they will ask in interview for experiences peoples to test whether they are experiences or not? its urgent.