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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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while copay form the LSMW to sap system what fields are we are transfer the documents to sap system

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when goods transfer to one plant to another plant how it is happen in real time and if any entries pls tell me


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Any one can help me abot any tickets in suport project in GL, AR, AP Please send me any issues on that with answer



what will be the entry in books of accounts where purchases are made but bill not yet booked.

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SAP Banking Module, I want to upload a document in Business Partner (Customer)Master Data in a SAP Banking Module.



Hello, I am BE (Computers) graduate working as a Team Lead in one big financial MNC at Pune. I have about 12 years solid IT experience with companies like HCL, Fidelity (formerly eFunds- Chennai) and now working at HSBC Software - Pune. My current role is 50% Project Management and 50% on technical work. I am IBM Mainframe professional. Please suggest which SAP module suits me. And is it feasible to switch from Mainframe to SAP.

Yash Technologies,

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I have 3 co.code(india,uk,usa)& 4 my question is how to maintain currency,chart of account,product

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What is the cycle of automatic payment program?

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I have went to an interview, there I faced one question that is the what is the problems I have faced during my projects? But the thing is that i haven't done any projects, just I gave some fake experience. Anybody plz. help me out what will be the answer, and if you can plz. mention atleast 1 problem with solution in each FI & CO which u have faced in your practical life. Plz. Gurus, help me out from this. Thanks in advance.

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What is the full cycle of both AP & AR?


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What is the direct tax rates for the year of 2010-11? please give me the list.i.e. for configure withholding taxes



How can we create asset under construction in asset accounting,pls explain

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Payments when remitted to foreign bank (seller's) by indian bank for(buyer), the buyer's bank deduct with holding tax from foreign remittance, actually who is liable to pay the with holding tax, (buyer or seller)?

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What is the importance of business area? Whether business area is used only reproting purpose or there other usage?

HCL, Rajco,

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What is difference between TAXJIN & TAXINN?

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what is mixed costing in product costing? please send to me


what is a transfer variant? : fi- asset accounting


How do you calculate accrued costs? : co- cost center accounting


iam done billing document in sales order is not cost object the billing entry is not genearated the error is foreign trade data missing


How do you open a new fiscal year in the system?


What is the difference between business area and profit center?


Who is an alternate payee? : fi- accounts receivable


differentiate between profit center and business area


Explain the customer master record and list various segments in them.


how is company code different from a company?


What are automatically set in the asset masters during initial acquisition? : fi- asset accounting


Can anyone please provide me atleast two Support Tickets of SAP FICO?


Hi all see the problem is, suppose i sold goods to customer 10 units @ 120 & my COGS (cost of goods sold) is 100 per unit . After that he told me your quality is not good ok & u r charging high 4 that i will pay you only 110 rs for that otherwise i will return ur goods. After that i made 1 credit memo 4 that of rs 10 ok. now the issue is it is also affecting the COGS but it has to remain same And will effect at profit & my profit must be reduced from 20 rs per unit to 10rs per unit & COGS must remain constant i.e is 100 rs


What exactly posting key is in fico and what is its significance?


What are the options in sap when it comes to fiscal years?