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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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What is Movement type, valuation Class, General Modifier, Valuation Area?


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How many documents generated at the time good received?

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What is price difference A/C why we use this A/C in what scenario we use Price Difference A/C?

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How systems doing cheque Printing.

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What is the Bank Sub Account?

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Can we re issued a canceled cheque in SAP?

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How GL master a/c value control in SAP?

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What is meant by Short period Posting?


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How to automatically post interest to different interest accounts in OBV2? I have two loans taken from different banks and I want to post interests of first loan to int1 acct and the other loan interest to int2 acct... How to configure please help?

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IS it possible APP profit center wise ?? How??

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What is the differance between Leading,non leading ledger in 6.0 with parlell ledger in 4.7? how it will useful in 6.0 then 4.7?

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What is the use of splitting in 6.0?

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can we assign any no.of group chart of accounts G/ls in operating COA? i mean operating COA and Group COA is 1:1?

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what is the T.code to get Financial a/c at group COA and Country COA?

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where we assign juridicial codes while we configeration of WHT?


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What is a country chart of accounts? Why do you need this?


How do you set up depreciation area postings to fi from fi-aa? : fi- asset accounting


Different types of erp?


Differentiate free offsetting entry from a statistical posting? : fi- accounts payable


At the time of sap implementation what are the basic details required by CO guy, SD, MM, and PP guy from a FI guy...?


While defining chart of account, there is field "manual creation of cost element" and "automatic creation of cost element", what is it?


What controls the screen flow?


How the system identifies a ‘posting period’?


Tell me the SO (sales Order) to Collection in sap with Accounting Effect.


Is it possible to maintain plant wise different gl codes?


What is the difference between set screen and call screen?


Explain the various reference methods? : fi- general ledger


can any one send me the real time interview questions and tockets in sap fico ,my mailid is


what is difference apportionment of costs, overhead expenses and how do they differ


What is a company code and what are the basic organizational assignments to a company code?