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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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what is statistical and real? What is Statistical Key Figure?

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I want some support problems in fi/co module(AR,AP,controlling area)

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what is controlling area, cost center, cost element,internal order & profit center?what does it control?what is relationship between each other?

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what is difference between posting period and fiscal year variant?

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In fico interview what areas are covered?

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Hi 1 question please Here the issue of Tickets will start after the Testing Phase or anywhere in the Implementation Phase. Thanks

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Hi Can any 1 Please advise if we can use Internal Order as cost bucket under a cost. Thanks Nag

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For what do we calculate the VAT and TDS which is for Customers & which is for Vendors? please reply soon

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what is the difference between Field Status Varient and Field Status Group. Please explain in Brief.


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Hi Kindlly Can i know what are the 14 Steps for Transfering Data from Excel to SAP. with T.Code and in Detail. It is a bit urgent Thanks

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Hi Is it that Dunning is Created at COA level or Company code Level.

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Hi Can any one Forward to my mail ID As to what is the procedure for accounting the Bad Debts A/C

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Hi For what do we use this Define Max.Exchange Rate Difference? Can anybody explain me in detail.

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My company code is AN3 vendor and customer are same i purchased from a party(vendor) on 01.04.2008 for 4,00,000/- payment terms with in 10days 10%, with in 20days 5%. i sold to the same party(customer) on 08.04.2008 for 3,00,000/- payment terms with in 10days 10%, with in 20days 5%. Balance of payment Date 14.04.2008 in this date vendor has 5% discount (20,000/-). Net vendor amount is 4,00,000-20,000 = 3,80,000/- customer has 10% discount (30,000/-). Net customer amount is 3,00,000-30,000 = 2,70,000/- Net paymet is 3,80,000-2,70,000 = 1,10,000/- In above situation i run the APP, But i got error massege is comming that is "your company conde AN3/AN3 not in proposal" at the time of "Edit payment proposal" Please clear this problem, is it possible in app or not? If it is possible where i configure?

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Hi Can anyone please explain why do we need to run f.5d and f.5e(which post the adjustments)? Then - How is f.5d and 1kek related?

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Explain the value of creating a cost center?


In period 1 there is a wip posted of 22000 usd in period 2 some further goods issue are done to the extent of 15000 usd. How will system calculate wip for period 2?


What is a quotation? : fi- accounts payable


Explain about sap fico?


Automatic clearing Ib OB74 based on criteria I have defined document type and account no. and whether it cleared automatically or we have to go to F.13 do test run after that we will clear the document


What is pbo and pai events?


What do you mean by chart of accounts? What is it used for? What are its important elements? How many chart accounts can be assinged to a company?


How can I copy a standard table to make my own?


how to control transport cost with sale invoices :- I want to know how to map tranport cost with respective sale invoices. This help us to avoid duplicate transport payment. As in PO freight condition is maintained ,is there is anyway to link or map transport cost with sale invoices


Can you please explain the process of DMEE.


How do you perform period closing in sap? : fi- general ledger master data


What are the major components of chart of accounts ?


what is the configuration steps of cash flow statement?


Explain how carry-forward happens in sap?


1. What is Spec? 2. If you run AP program without giving next payment rundate then system what erros throughs? 3. How do you calculate depreciation in SAP? 4. What depreciation Terms? 5. Where so you assign the plant?