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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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Hi can anybody tell me what is the meaning of Define Maximime Exchange Rate Differences. What does it mean

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Hi Can any one explain me Exactly what is ment by " Stastical Posting" in SAP. please reply soon it is very urgent

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What are Priliminary Postings?

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What is ment ny Service Tax Credit ? please explain in Detail

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field status group are configured at 4 level which are they


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Hi Suppose i(FICO Guys) have created a PO later the Customers told some Corrections.So now my Question is weather i can make the required changes in the same PO(Customer wants in the same PO not a NEW ONE).So how is it possible in the same PO number.without changing the PO Number.

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Hi One important Question, I am trying to run depreciation for this month at AFAB it says job RBACH00 is complete and but at SM35 i cant the created batch for the same. In sm37 when i give the same batch name and execute it says " status as finished but depreciation is not processed. Can any one plz throw some light on this?

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why we are require internal orders when we are using co+st centres.


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Hi One small Question please Can anybody please let me know the Difference between Account Based Profitability Analysis and Costing based Profitability Analysis?

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Hi Can i know what is the Meaning of these in Asset Management. Depreciation key with IN3 - 15% and period control IT/IT/NL/NL (What is ment by IT/IT/NL/NL)

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Hi 1 Question please My client is on SAP since last 3 years and now they want to migrate their asset related data with AM solution, I would like to know the steps and precaution to be taken at the time of legacy data migration and how to reconcile ABST2 report.


How will you configure VAT in SAP

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What are the journal entries for accounting VAT in SAP


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hi can anybody tell me how can i geet a first break in my carrer as SAP FI CONSULTANT. as i have completed my sap fi training & i used to check opportunities on net & there is no any demand for fresher& if I m interview ing myself as experience holder using fake experience . how can I answer their practical questions

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how we will start implementation what r the raw material i.e basic information requried when we start implementation


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) }

Define the relationship between controlling area and company code?


What is the basic purpose of creating a profit center?


What is the purpose of payment methods and when are they stored?


What are shortened fiscal year? When are they used?


How can you link customer and vendor master records and what is the purpose of doing so?


1. For a client creation of many group under one General Ledger


How do you configure the gl account for the house bank? : fi- general ledger master data


How many chart accounts can be assinged to a company?


How to estimate the Cost step by step ?


Sir, I am configuring the interestin gl account, but i could not generate the report. like bank od a/c ledger, Interest on OD ledger. How I will generate this report in fico.


In Third Party sale process, I am getting an error- in MIRO(Error No. M8889-A/c 893010 has been set as not relevant for Tax, but when I want to change the Account Assignment in ME21 it is taking only G/L A/C 893010 and refusing all other G/L A/C's by giving 2 errors. They are ME045-G/L A/c 39010 cannot be used(please correct)and ME038-No direct posting can be made to G/L A/C 34000. Experts please share your knowledge to solve this problem. Warm Regards.


Can both account based and costing based profitability analysis be configured at the same time? : co-pa


while making DO in SAP system allowes passing an entry more than the credit limit set in the system configuration Please help me


What are the categories of update requests?


Am a Sap Fi trainee learning the process, i came across a topic Foreign currency valuation. my doubt is whether foreign currency valuation and foreign currency revaluation is one and the same?