SAP FI CO Interview Questions
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What is day limit in payt terms

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Vender have goods and Services invoices, Vender need payment separate bank account for both goods and services in vender invoices. How to update in sap to pickup in APP.

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For a company code has foreign vendors as well as domestic vendors, for foreign vendors we will pay through ICICI BANK and for domestic vendor s we will pay through hdfc bank. What configuration settings require to pick up respective bank when we run F110 , if we select foreign and domestic vendors in single run. Please help in this and advance thanks to all

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At The time of EBS file uploading through T-code FF_5, the errors are showing in FEBAN, those errors are required Business area and Profit center, if we give Business area and Profit center manually than it will clear, my requirement is those Business Area and Profit Center needs to be pick automatically. where we can check/

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What are configuration steps required for payment to domestic vendors and foreign vendors in single app run. If we have 2 bank accounts one for domestic and another for foreign vendors, it has to pickup automatically respective bank


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What is Year shift displacement in SAP FICO

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Why we do document splitting ????

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what is the difference between master data and config data ??


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give me fico material in ramesh institute



What is CIN? ? How many types there in CIN explain some one

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Difference between structure and unstructured in MT940 In Bank reconciliation statement?


Can anyone give me real-time coaching in sap fi/co i am residing in marathalli Bangalore.........


What is the difference between PC by order and PC by period?



I have created GL master without selection open item management and i have posted business transactions to that GL. Now client wants to change that GL to open item management. is it

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what is deference Business area and Profit center?



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Hi, Can anybody will assist me on describing the benefit of CO-PA. Is this can be used for budgetory control? What are the best tool for controlling online Budget in SAP?


rules for creating asset downpayment account


Can anyone give me real-time coaching in sap fi/co i am residing in marathalli Bangalore.........


any body send the configuration of investment management


What all steps are involved in creating planning groups and planning levels in cash management? What changes does it bring?


Hi I'm looking for two SAP Project Manager (one specialized in MM/PP, one in FI) for Automotive, based in Compi├Ęgne (Oise, France). Should somebody give me an idea to find these persons ? thanks a lot !


How do you create tasks? What is the max number of tasks you created in your previous projects ?


where we assign juridicial codes while we configeration of WHT?


What is the difference between the R/3 4.6version to R/3 4.7 version?


In Validation ob28 i cant assign more than one validation the error is already existing the same company code?


I'm facing a problem while posting a transaction, the errors showing "withholding tax amount exceed the total line item." I know the anmount calculated is more than the Base amount itself. But as i'm not a FI candidate, I want to know from where I have to change so that I can do the transaction, condition is that I cannot change any rate and code of ewt tax. Pls. help me out, it's urgent.


Hi Gurus, Kindly give few practical examples in GAP analysis where we cannot map into SAP from legacy system.


a cost element is used for some cost center but only in some case like discount allowed particular internal order should be picked? can any one help me?


Where does TDS codes maintain and which fields are updated for TDS calculation for invoice/Advance


Hello every, I have my MBA in finance in 2011 I was working for NBFC. Now I am decided to join in sap fico course. But the fact is I forgot all accounting knowledge. Zero accounts knowledge. How may eligible for sap fico course, is there any problems to face during course regarding accounts etc. What are the problems basically peoples like me face in fico course and after getting a job.