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What is day limit in payt terms

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Vender have goods and Services invoices, Vender need payment separate bank account for both goods and services in vender invoices. How to update in sap to pickup in APP.

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For a company code has foreign vendors as well as domestic vendors, for foreign vendors we will pay through ICICI BANK and for domestic vendor s we will pay through hdfc bank. What configuration settings require to pick up respective bank when we run F110 , if we select foreign and domestic vendors in single run. Please help in this and advance thanks to all

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At The time of EBS file uploading through T-code FF_5, the errors are showing in FEBAN, those errors are required Business area and Profit center, if we give Business area and Profit center manually than it will clear, my requirement is those Business Area and Profit Center needs to be pick automatically. where we can check/

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What are configuration steps required for payment to domestic vendors and foreign vendors in single app run. If we have 2 bank accounts one for domestic and another for foreign vendors, it has to pickup automatically respective bank


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What is Year shift displacement in SAP FICO

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Why we do document splitting ????

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what is the difference between master data and config data ??


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give me fico material in ramesh institute



What is CIN? ? How many types there in CIN explain some one

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Difference between structure and unstructured in MT940 In Bank reconciliation statement?


Can anyone give me real-time coaching in sap fi/co i am residing in marathalli Bangalore.........


What is the difference between PC by order and PC by period?



I have created GL master without selection open item management and i have posted business transactions to that GL. Now client wants to change that GL to open item management. is it

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what is deference Business area and Profit center?



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Hi 1 Question please My client is on SAP since last 3 years and now they want to migrate their asset related data with AM solution, I would like to know the steps and precaution to be taken at the time of legacy data migration and how to reconcile ABST2 report.


what are the advantages & dis advantages document splitting in fico? where as we can see the reports gl a/c wise & particular vendor/customer/document wise why we prefer doc splitting? let me know the possible answer soon. asked @ Accenture.


Hi sap expert. i want to know all the interview type of question and answer in asset management, automatic payment (app) and field status group.


open item mgt a/c are all the balance sheet a/c but all balance sheet a/c are not are all openitem mgt plz explain? plz send the mail id


1. I want to create an installment method payment term whereby my customer pays 50% as Advance Payment & 50% Net 45 days. How to configure the 50% advance payment term in OBB8 as system does not take negative days say -1 . I have created Z100 as 50% Advance Payment & 50% Net 45 days, Z101 as 50% Adv Pyt and Z102 as 50% Net 45 days in OBB8 and then assigned the same in OBB9 to Z100, 1, 50%, Z101 and Z100, 2, 50%, Z102. But the payment terms Z101 should be having -1 days instead of 0 days. How to configure this or achieve the payment term of advance payment? 2. My purpose is that during FB70, I should get a warning message that advance payment has not yet been received for this customer having this installment payment term Z100. It should not let me post the invoice unless 50% adv pyt has been received. At present we are not using Down Payment functionality. But I assume that without the Down Payment functionality the same cannot be achieved. Please confirm this. How can I achieve the above requirements? 3.Dear Group - Our Purchasing Dept has asked me to create a new payment term with the following terms: "Payable 90% upon delivery, 60 days net, 10% upon acceptance, 60 days net". So when we receive the invoice, we get a 10% discount off the total price, due within 60 days. The balance is due 60 days after that. Any ideas on how I would configure this using transaction OBB8. IT IS VERY URGENT FOR ME KINDLY SEND ME THE ANSWER ON MY


Generally what order will be followed in implementation of sap modules?


what is the configuration steps of letter of credit?


i need a real time fico tutor in hyderabad location


Describe how the implementation of a cost center structure could (or won't) lead to decreasing indirect costs? And can you think of any other ways to control indirect costs?


Pls send me some tickets and answerw purpose of interview?


How we manage Cheque Management Systems in SAP?


What is tresurry bills ? how it works?


when i post a billing document for free goods how can i exclude for a line item (cost element type 1),not to create a profitability segment but only a cost center thanks in advance


When I enter the VAT registration number in OBY6 - company code global data, I get the following error. Entry of a VAT only possible for co. codes in EC countries Message no. FC199. My co.code country is RO - Romania. Where do I mention that co.code country is EC country ? Awaiting your early reply friends Regards, Janardhan


whenever run depreciation, automatically updation income tax depreciation with the same percentage?What is the problem?can u give me solution?