SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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What do we see the sap fico transaction errors.

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How to adjust a customer credit memo to particular invoice for ex: Customer has 10 invoice he received 3 credit memos for 3 invoices for rejected material so to adjust explain about process what r the t-codes req

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How to make control on vendor master data (bank account ) . We can validate the changes with transactions FK08 & FK09 in functional menu , but I need the path on Spro guide to customize the changes (bank accounts )

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Explain real scenario your faced in the implimentation project?

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Please provide me information why, how often and which accounts are included in the clearing job. What is the logic of the clearings?

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I have a company ABCD. under that i created three company codes using same fiscal year (April- March) and same chart of accounts. Three companies are located in different countries. One of the country located in USA. So i need to draw financial statements in USA for the period Jan- Dec. So anyone can explain how to draw financial statements respective period.


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Imputation CO : Bonjour, J'ai un probleme sur un processus de vente SD , au moment de la generation de la facture , le systeme affiche le message d'erreur suivant : Le compte comptable 71241040 demande à etre imputé en comptabilité analytique . Et pourtant le compte est creé en Co en tant que nature comptable primaire . Merci de votre reponse


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SAP Asset Accounting Entries?


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I got trained in Ameerpet for FICO module.The training was just good for FI module and not good at all for CO module. I want to be confident in CO module as well. I checked a number of CO materials ,including Satyanarayna sir. In all of them topics like CO-PA , Product Costing are either missing completely or not up to the expected level. Can any one suggest a good material for CO with the following topics CO-PA ( valuation, summarization levels, planning,reports etc) Product costing(Prod cost planning, Actual Costing /ML , Product costing by period/sales order/order etc)?

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Hi Experts could u please me some questions with answers like they will ask in interview for experiences peoples to test whether they are experiences or not? its urgent.


I would like to know the questions asked in client round and project manager round? please suggest the questions generally asked


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what is gl masking ? can you explain with examples

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what are all the challenges you faced in project implementation as a sap fico Consultant? & what are all the challenges you faced in ticketings?

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which level create company code in state level and country level and briefly explain company and company code process suppose example reliance jio is the company code is it create reliance jio in 29 states 29 company code plz explain


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What is collective processing of gl accounts? : fi- general ledger


Tell me the 3 to 4 functional specification?


What does field status group assign to a gl master record controls?


What is the co module for?


Outline automatic transfer of old assets? : fi- asset accounting


Hi gurus, what is the critcal issue that you have faced during the support project? how did you resolve this issue. explain in step by step process/ kindly suggest me how to answer this question?


What is the difference between 'company code' and 'company id' when in the fi global settings in the img?


What is the document change rule? : fi- general ledger accounting


What is a bank director in sap? : fi- accounts receivable


How does sap go about costing a product having multiple bill of materials within it?


Name the standard stages of the sap payment run?


What are the problems when the business area is configured?


How can you link customer and vendor master records and what is the purpose of doing so?


What are fi substitution rules?


In initial project resources how can u distribute 1 crore amount among various modules like FI,CO,HR,PP,MM,SA,ABAP & BASIS etc.