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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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what is matrix preparation authorization. and how it is related to PMRD. What is PMRD



how to calculate interest on customers, what is customization to be done to calculate interest on customers.


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What is the diffrence b/w credit managment & Credit control area


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Any one can help me abot any tickets in suport project in GL, AR, AP Please send me any issues on that with answer

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List the Basic 24 Steps for FI configuration.

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what is copa cycle ?


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what are the prerequisites for chart of depreciation and how many chart of depreciation can assined to company code


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Hi Guys, Customer master must be created with VAT Registration No. If the user creates a customer master with same VAT Registration No. The Systems should a message saying that VAT Registration No already exists. syam

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We had two controling areas with different Fiscal years. A year later we changed the FY so both Controlling areas now have same fiscal year. we want to get rid of one controlling area and bring all the company codes into one controlling area. What is the fastest and safest way to do it?

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Dear All, Pl. guide me how do I move CWIP to assets? Thanks

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Explain about APP in FICO module ?

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what are the procedures of sap fi integration with sd

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what is withholding tax? when we use withholding tax? what are the procedure in steps for calculating tds plz tell me about all........

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what is the data associated while uploding data using lsmw?


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what is a a/c type?what r they?where we use it?where can we find it after that?


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Dear HR. i really request you please suggest me a right Institutes where i can learn SAP FI CO and other module plse send me mail on


any body send the configuration of investment management


What is product cost controlling (co-pc)? : co- general controlling


How do you configure the sapscript form financial statement version?


Define meta data, master data and transaction data?


What are the major components of the chart of accounts?


What is the time-dependent data in an asset master? : fi- asset accounting


How do you carry-forward account balances? : cost center accounting


What is application packaging in SAP FICO


What is dunning in sap? : fi- accounts receivable


What is pre-closing? : fi- general ledger accounting


Differentiate activity-dependent and activity-independent costs? : co- cost center accounting


Which interface change sql requirements in the sap development system to those of the database?


What is fi/co consolidation and give the steps to customization for fi consolidation?


How to get different checks and different amount in APP run?