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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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How to raise an exception in Function Module?

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What is the difference between OpenSQL and Native Sql?


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What happens AT SELECTION SCREEN events?


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what is difference between break and watch point

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We have got some values for Field F1 say 1,2,3,4 and F2 say 10,10,10,10.Now can you tell me what would be the output for F1 if we use At End Of event?and what would be the output for F2 if we use At Last event?Also i want to know what is the difference between Total calculation for At end event and grand total for At last event???



how can you display data say "your name"in sap script without print program or driver program??



how can you display data say "your name"in smart forms without print program or driver program??


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how to handle multiple line items in bdc??

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What are the exact sequences in which the reporting events trigger.I mean starting from 1st to last.And how many times we can use At-Selection screen or Start-of-selection in a report??


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i have 3 screens say S1,S2,S3 and i want to validate only S3.What code shud i write in the flowlogic of the screen??

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i have 4 primary keys and i want to use only one primary key for select single.What changes will occur in the system?can i use it?


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i want to add 2 records to a table but the last field in the table is 1000 char long.Is it possible?if yes how?



Why is bdc _cursor and GET_Cursor used?

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what will happen if you dont give any value in parameter and select options in report??will it fetch any value?

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I Developed Interactive report to display Customers, Sales Details and Delivery Priority? Why did u create these reports?what was the buisness requirements? what wer the inputs At Selection Screen?what was the output?how was the desighn of the screen?


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP ABAP }

Does the call transaction method allow multiple transactions to be processed by sap?


How do you Export a session ?


The extract statements in field groups can be used before or after processing the sort statements. State true or false. : abap modularization


Advantages and disadvantages of different types of bdc's?


did u done enhancement framework?how u implemented?


Explain different types of attributes of function module?


What is the significance of technical settings (specified while creating a table in the data dictionary)? : abap data dictionary


Explain the difference between domain and data element?


Explain client-dependent and client-independent tables.


How to Raise a Particular Ticket in Realtime ?


What are the fields in a bdc_tab table? : abap bdc


What are lock objects?


hi experts,,, what is meant by documentation? test casr preparation? documentation and preparation and Tcode for this? quality and releasing? test case scenario?


What are uses of foreign key?


What are the buffering types?