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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Is der any any alternative Statement instead of HIDE which u can use in reports?

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What is the use of AT Selection Screen output when we have At selection screen?Can u explain?

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How can u call a Report from a module pool program?

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Did u create the script or u have only modified?how did u modified Medruck?did u came across any errors while modifying?after adding the logo wer did u store that?


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how to find the driver program of a script without touching its print program?

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how to migrate standard text in sap script to smart form?


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If there are 100 records...explain the BDC session method step by step how you gonna do ?


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what is the difference between se16 and se17 ??? need urgent ans plz..

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How to delete the field created using APPEND STRUCTURE (.APPEND)

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HI friends, in USER EXITS after finding correct EXIT when am double clicking on the "INCLUDE ZXM06U36" it is not entering inside of the program, it is givimg the error message as "Program names ZX... are reserved for includes of exit function groups". Please help me to solve this problem.

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Can we create internal table in smart forms or scripts?if yes where and how?



i want to change alighnment of windows in scripts.How can i do that?


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i want to see a material master data which is at client side.How can i view that?


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what are nodes in smart forms?

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create a Report to print Stock & Valuated Stock for Plant (ALV Grid) Selection Screen Ranges: Material Number (MARA-MATNR) Material Type (MARA-MTART) Valuation Class (MBEW-BKLAS) Storage Location (MARD-LGORT) Parameter filed plant (MARD-WERKS) Selection condition: Total valuated stock – MBEW-LBKUM – should be greater than zero Table to be used MAKT,MARD,MBEW,MARA,T001L.. (Use inner joins) Display output: Storage location: (TOO1L-LGORT) Description (T001L-LGOBE) Material No (MARA-MATNR), Material Description (MAKT- MAKTX), Total valuated stock (MBEW-LBKUM), Val of tot valuated stock (MBEW-SALK3), IF MBEW-VPRSV = 'S'. Price – MBEW-STPRS ELSEIF DTAB-VPRSV = 'V'. Price – MBEW-VERPR. ENDIF. Subtotal of Total valuated stock (MBEW-LBKUM), Val of tot valuated stock (MBEW-SALK3), Grand Total of Total valuated stock (MBEW-LBKUM), Val of tot valuated stock (MBEW-SALK3), In the ALV grid display keep a button in the tool bar which on clicking navigates through the screen to the next grid which displays the grand total. Use SET PF_STATUS which is in the FM reuse_alv_grid_display to set the button.

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP ABAP }

What are the two ways for restricting the value range for a domain? : sap abap data dictionary


How is conversion of data types done between abap/4 & db layer?


What are data classes? What are the various data classes available for selection? : abap data dictionary


What does nw 7.4 sp 05/nw 7.5 sp 02 offers in abap?


Explain Singleton class


What is the use of f4if_shlp_exit_example function module ? : sap abap data dictionary


Can a posting run be deleted? : sap abap hr


How many lists can a program can produce?


What is the use of 'for all entries'?


What are the organizational related Infotypes


What is your current client number?


What is a function group? : abap modularization


In sap script how to print bar code in vertical manner


1)can any body tell the transport request number concept and 2)there are 3 screens in one screen u have uploaded the resume and second screen also u have done the same thing but when u are uploading the resume in third screen u got some error in somewhere else but whatever u have uploaded the resume in 1 and 2 should not


Update function modules are classified as either v1 or v2. Which type of update is performed first and in what mode (asynchronously, synchronously or locally) can each type be processed in?