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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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how to know whether a user in sap system is DIALOG or SERVICE user?

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How to assign a mass Tables in Auth Group by using T-code:se54

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What are the scripts you can create for security by using LSMW??

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How do you generate (recover) old system logs in a newly created SLOG00?



In which frequency your TR gets transported to other system?

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how to find a system is in particular ehp ?

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If one background process took long time to run other than the usual time , what are the areas you will investigate other than SM37 ?

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What are the prerequisites of installing a dialog instance


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How we can configure the transport management system.


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how to backup redolog files&log files


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what is the prerequisite for doing sap release upgrade


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I have solman 7.1 Stack3. I want to upgrade to stack13. My question is can I directly download stack13 files from marketplace, if yes, will those files includes xml file ? (MOPZ is not configured in my system).



A role needs to be assigned to the end user as well as production manager. But only the production manager should have access to change the functional status and the end user should not. The role has the authorization key and status profile for functional location. please tell me how do we restrict the end user from changing the functional status, but the role needs to be assigned to both.

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One user unable to execute one t-code, that is authorization object is missing, How to add this authorization object to user?

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what are SAR & CAR files in sap?

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How you will do that?


What is the difference between asynchronous and synchronous transport?


Explain the developer trace?


If I want only transaction data to be copied.What profile should I select, while doing local client copy within the same apllication server. Else is there any other way to perform above task?


Hi i am Ramesh want to know that which course in sap is most suitable for my younger brother who has BSC qualification and is this course is job oriented


What are the regular activities u do in solution manager and how


What is process for applying patches?


What is the difference between developer trace, system log and system trace?


Can you tell me installation procedure of SAP on UNIX


what is your project architecture?


What is the information derived from OSS notes?


How can you find the list of objects that have been repaired in the system?


What is upgrade process? And how u will do that?


How can you view locked transactions?


what is the difference b/w 4.7EE & ECC5.0?