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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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How you will define background job? Which job class used?

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While applying support patch or importing DDIC will get stuck what you do?

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If transport is imported or not where you will check?

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Kernel upgradation procedure?

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While doing implementation do you get any issues?


Where the log files are stored?

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How many files to download for kernel upgrade?

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What kind of ABAP dumps errors you faced and how to resolve?

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During backup what kind of files you take?

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Error in the phase import_proper while applying support packages?


If client copy is stopped in middle, what happens if you want to start it again?


How you will do client copy if sap* user is not available at all in your system then how you will do client copy?

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What is transport layer and domain controller? In which system you have create domain control?


How you will find if table is over flow in DB?

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How to applay support patches? Pre- requisites?

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For ex: i scheduled one ABAP program as a background job but it was running 10 days, how to analyze the problem?


Explain transport domain?


Explain how client refresh is different than client copy?


Explain kernel upgrade?


How you will get help from OSS notes?


What is R/3? and what is basis version?


If a user complaints that he could not execute some of the transaction codes then what will you do?


In what ways you would know whether a system is unicode or non-unicode?


What is the use of kernel in sap system? How do you check the current kernel version in sap system?


Explain what is heterogenous system copy and homogenous system copy ?


What is a background processing batch scheduler?


In the Sap Easy Access Menu I see the menu System -> User Profiles ->Own Data. Other options Hold Data is to keep data values that you have entered in a field of an application for the duration of the session; SET DATA not to overwrite the data and DELETE DATA to delete the set data. Can somebody explain me the Hold Data, Set Data and Delete Data with examples, i mean giving an example of fields?


Explain segment?


How you can restrict multiple logins of user in sap? What are the thing you have to take care of while writing the id’s?

174 to retrive corrupt file in back up ? 2.what post actives of patching increase the file size in unix