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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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how to delete a table in sap?


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Can anyone tell me How to lock a single client from sap level and from o/s level?How to lock users from o/s level.


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What is Java stack? Briefly describe about Java Stack and its usage!


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Did you use Java stack. My answer was "No". If somebody's answer is "Yes", please elobrate what did you do, what is it and usage and etc. You might want to give some reference to read as well.

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Can anyone tell me what is Server and Instance in sap,wat is exact meaning of that?

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How to upgrade Tp and R3trans,anyone explain the step by step pls.

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Why we need to apply support packages in 000 client ?

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How to check cpu utilization from o/s level,wat is the command.


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Suppose one A User has tcode SU01.When A try to execute tcode su01,not able to execute.but next day User A can able to execute the same tcode SU01. Which not done user comparision next day too but how come User A can able to execute tcode SU01?

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1. In which table support pack store....? 2. wht r things happing in back ground during DB backup..?


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Can any one tell me some real time errors you got for support pack apply, During transport request export-import and for db dackup.


How to delete a table from Database level.

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How the system log analysis will work(sm21),how the logs are sended,can anyone explain the behind process.

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What are the diffrent types of table buffering ? Is it "rollin , rollout ".

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HI , Can any one tell me about SM58 transaction code , Why we use this T-Code ?

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP Basis }

How can you find the list of objects that have been repaired in the system?


How to identify a particular T_Code has been modified or not? If yes, how to identify who modified particular T_Code in current system?


I am installing a sap j2ee engine at crm. When it reaches phase 22 it halts for more than 10 minutes and gives up starting the system. What should I do?


What is an “ok” code is and what is the difference between “t-code” and “ok” code?


Explain what is the use of reference and service user in sap?


You want to transport users between different clients. How would you do that?


While doing implementation do you get any issues?


What are the different types of sap profiles?


What is the use of profile paramater ztta/roll_area?


If you have a long-running Job, how do you analyse?


How you can apply sap notes to sap system?


how would you troubleshoot the 'user can not print'?


Is it possible to install sap patches when other users are online?


How database extend?


How to create RFC CONNECTION between production server and Global trade system. what prerequsite we need for this.