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Is qgpl a user library or system library?

Is qgpl a user library or system library?..

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Difference Between Skip Before & Space Before?

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What is a Library in AS/400?

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when are the referential constraints executed?

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Q. HOw can read multimember file through RPG/400 and CL/400 Actully i know that we can Read multimember file in RPG through EXEFILE and EXEMBR and in cl through OVRDBF and MEMBER(3)....But i want to read 3 members by CL Program And RPG/400 program.Please write the coding(Program) for both RPG/400 and CL/400 programs? 2.What are the full forms(stands) of EXEFILE and EXEMBR?

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how we lock a pf???? what are the parameters used in this we understand whether an object is locked or not?? using command .....we have to use *PSSR? and trough * we give an eg to me???pls answer me anyone..

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what is the rpg and cl life cycle?Please tell me any body

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Q.How can more than two program be executed in batch mode through SBMJOB in CL PGM but the condition is that program must be executed one by one?Please wtite the senario? 2. IS it possibe more then two programs can be executed in batch mode and HOw it will be executed in CL program ,please write the senario?

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What is Data Area?

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Suppose you have 3 members in a database file. How to read records from all the members Without using CL (OVRDBF) i.e. it should be handled exclusively in an RPG program?

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What is the purpose of FRCDTA (Force Data) keyword?

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what is scan and xlate?

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what is full form for dds?

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