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IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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What is the use of Header Specification in RPG/400?

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When will DUMP and DEBUG opcodes be ignored?

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Specify different indicators used in RPG?

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What are Control level indicators?

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What is the use of E specification in RPG?

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What is the use of L specs in RPG?

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What is the maximum number of elements in an array?

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How can we sort an array?

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How can the user implicitly open and close the files in RPG program ?

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268 How many parameters can be defined in a RPG program. ?

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What is the maximum number of times Multiple Occurrences DS can occur in a program?

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What are all the compiler directive statements?

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What is SAA?

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What is the Function of PDM?

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What is the function of SEU ?

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how to define global parameter in ile ?


How to debug a batch job when it is in messagewait(mswg) status. I know the steps for batch ebugging, but im confusing with when we submit any job for batch debug we put in held state. So here also do same thing or any other way?


how will you find a string using pdm?


Can any one explain the basic things about RLU and Printer Files and their Definitions for both and why are they used,i'm a newbee so please help me out


what are the different types of data areas?


what are the basic features of seu?


which type of object is used in db2/400?


can anybody give the interview questions list of RLU. plz mail me:


how do you know that records are locked?


What Is The Purpose Of The "n" In The Following Calculation Specification?


what is the difference between sflclr and sflinz?


what is the purpose of ovrdta (override data) keyword?


What is access path in as400?


Difference Between Call & Sbmjob?


what does opcode post do ?