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Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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What is Defect age?

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what is conventional Testing? and what is unconventional testing?


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I have completed B.E.Electronics in may,1998.Completed one year computer course at NIIT in 1999....In 2000, I joined as electronics trainee in a small organisation. I continued in that job and resigned in 2005....... Till now I didnot get job. I have done software testing course in hyd. I want to show this 2+ years gap as exp.and want to get job. how? Can you give some projects with details in web as well as in client/server technology. I will practice them as if it were real project. How can I get job in testing field? I am new to this field. I have no this field.... Any consultencies to proceed .....

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may i know the sites which r giving model question papers for istqb exam

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write a querry .if 10 records in a table.i want only 1 record and 3 reocrd and 10 record. how to write a querry.


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i have around 2 years experience in testing,please tell me,what kind of questions i will get?

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What is the primary key in the projects invloved with Social Secrity Number (SSN) is for USA

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What are the check points we need to consider while performing Database migration (ex: from oracle 8i to 9i)


I got job in maveric a testing company. there is 3 years bond. and they are taking all original certificates. I am unable to decide whether to join or not. please let me know whether it is a good company or not. its website is


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is there any open source testing tool to perform whitebox testing and black box testing which supports c++ in linux.plz ans

CTS, Infosys, Satyam, Sonata, Wipro,

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Iam searching for job on testing with 2+ experience any sites are there for testing jobs and any reference forward


iam searching job on testing if u know any references are openings plz forward mee


What certifications can a tester of less than 1 yr experience go for? which is the best certification and how many months of preparation is required?

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what is sdlc(Software development proces and stages of sdlc)..?

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hai, this is neelima... what is testing...?wht r the types of testing...?

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What lcsaj is?


Why we use decision tables?


How will you conduct risk analysis?


Explain black-box testing?


What is latent defect?


What is heuristics testing?


give an example of unit test and integration test and system test and UAT test?


What is different type testing you done when doing webbase application.the desktop application


What is problem?


What do enterprises do for QC 11 to prevent minimum data loss ?


What is the difference between test matrix and traceability matrix?


What is a shrink wrapped product?


What is upwardly compatible software?


What are the types of defects?


What is the common risk that leads to project failure?