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Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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A testing process that exercises a software system's coexistence with others by taking multiple integrated systems that have passed system testing as input and tests their required interactions.


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When usin qtp iam able to get the data from the database only in a single row that is if i have 2 columns in database,when using database output value , all the values in Database are transfered to a single row in QTP datatable. I want the values to appear as it is from the database , can anyone suggest some ideas?


IF i have two columns in Database , While using Database output value ,allthe values in the two column are set as a single row in the QTP datatable, can u suggest me a idea so that QTP Runtime datatable displays the values as it is in the database


I have the experience of about 1yrs and 6 months in software testing. Now i must have to shift from this due to unavailablity of projects. But for now I am not able to find any opening in testing with 1+ yrs experience. Plz anybody mail me if anybody finds any openings. Thank you

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What is API testing?

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hi frends in qtp the result window blank sheet comeing but the automation program is running what i do to see result?

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Hi All, This is regarding ETL testing. I have 3.5 years of experience in software testing. I have used web and DB testing so far. I am currently projected for ETL testing by using which is very new to me. We are using Informatica for running the sessions and taking the logs. I would like to know whats the process we have to follow for this testing. Ie., From kickoff to signoff. Can please anyone give brief explanation on that. Do we have any certification for ETL Testing??

ABC, IBM, Satyam, Virtusa,

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How can you test an application after production and deployed in to the clients system, connecting to the (Client's)server which is located somewhere in the US. I mean how can you connect and test when it is at maintenance


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Could anybody tell me types of testing involved when the project is at maintenance.


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hi i m priya i m a new commer to this,this is good life of every one.i m surching job now so,i want project detail for NET BANKING and HELTH CARE pls send me quickly.thanks for every body. i m waiting for...........


Innovative suggestions, solutions, if any, brought out by you for the better performance of the Quality and Testing department/ company during the review period: Anybody can answer to this question..Thanks in advance..venkat


Hi,Iam learning software testing now.i want to put 2+ yrs exp:.Is there any problem with fake to prepair for the Interview. Thank u

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what is opaque testing?,what is transparent testing


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hi,iam learning testing tools in mindq.i want to put 2+exp. is there any problem with that. tell me what are the Interview questions for experienced peopole. please give me the answer. thanq



generally what they ask in a client interview.regarding projects what they might ask?

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How many test cases will be there for testing the numbers of range -10.0 to 10.0? How it is classifying?


What is benchmark?


What is data flow analysis?


How you will write test cases for integration testing?


How do you verify the test results and how do you proceed when you do not get the expected results?


Explain testing?


Explain in a testing project what testing activities would you automate?


What is a test closure?


Share 2 high complexity and 2 low complexity test cases for a coke vending (ATM) machine.


What is the bottom-up approach?


Explain what the meaning of code walk through is?


What is failure?


Draw the Framework Architecture of Selenium RC with combination of Selenium webdriver?


What is end-to-end testing?


What are validation and verification?