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what is sdlc(Software development proces and stages of sdlc)..?

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what is sdlc(Software development proces and stages of sdlc)..?..

Answer / triveni

sdlc means software developement process.
it has 6 phases.
1.intial or requirement phase
2.analysis phase
3.desigining phase
4.coding phase
5.testing phase & maintenance phase

these r the stages of sdlc

if it is wrong please correct it.

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what is sdlc(Software development proces and stages of sdlc)..?..

Answer / feroz

Phases of SDLC w.r.t testing
1. Initial: prepare BDD(businses design document)
2. Analisis: Review the BDD, prepare Test-plan
3. Design: Test-case preparation
4. Coding/: Test-case execution
5. implementation: Defect report/regression testing
6. Maintenence

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