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Solaris AllOther Interview Questions
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NIS is configured, users are try to connect in client systems 'unknown id' is displayed. what is the problem?

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Does "AMD Turion 64 X2 Processor TL50, 1.6 GHz and above" supports Solaris 10?.

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i have sun ultra10 machine,OS is solaris 9 and i have single harddisk, now i want same ,exact copy of data in anoher harddisk so that i should be able boot from new harddisk, how do yo do this? is it called as cloning?


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how to install solaris and windows on a single harddisk ie dual booting

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whaat is raid levels

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How to findout particular file in the backup tape with the help of ufsdump


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what is split brain? if it happens, what are the solutions need to be applicable?

2 4559 to see global zone name residing in non global zone?


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How to see open ports?

IATA, Locuz,

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How to repalce a failed disk?


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what is zone configuration file?


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what r the phases in fsck?

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how to see open ports?


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how to add swap space?


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difference between terminal & console?


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What is the use of Sam utility in solaris


Local zone in shutting down to bring state of zone to installed?


when i am starting solaris10 with 'fail safe mode' on intel machine it is asking "#starting shell".what is it and how to solve this problem?


How do u know that,what patch can be applicable on the system?


In a two node cluster i have typed #hastart command in one node.The cluster is starting in second node also,what is going in background?


What is cachefs?


what is mean by netfmd in sun cluster what is the use of netfmd and what is the relation between ccd and netfmd?


Hi, I need information regarding LDOMS.Like What is LDOMS ,Creation of LDOMS, errors on LDOMS, troubleshooting LDOMS...etc.... pls post the info. Regards, Naresh


hi to all,, i need few real time issues please provide me,, if you have any,,,


how can u give space garentee for volume in netapp storage


How to create a gateway?


What is the zone in DNS?